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Maybe the reason Roger wasn’t the one to turn the One Piece world up side down was precisely because he didn’t make many allies, even though he had everything from strength, ancient weapon, rio poneglyph and One Piece itself. Aside from his crew, he seems to have been hated around the world as a devil or something of the sort. The only exception I’ve seen so far was Gan Fall.

Mihawk (during the marineford war) and some others have commented throughout the manga have said that Luffy’s greatest or most dangerous strength is his ability to make allies. Completely overturning society isn’t something a person can do single-handed because it requires a lot more than just defeating people.

Actually, since chapter 1 of One Piece, the moral has been that if you have a dream, you have to fight for it yourself (Luffy’s lesson to Coby). So as Luffy travels, he has been making allies who will eventually fight the tyranny of the World Government for their own freedom alongside the strawhats together where after the government is overthrown, those countries and peoples will be able to live freely without the kind of chaos that was there after Whitebeard was defeated.

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