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one peice 737

My predictions for the next chapters So we have Pica (his DF may be a Myth Zoan and work in similar way to Sengoku’s Fruit, both alter size and give a huge boost in power) i think Zoro may stay to fight him while Luffy goes for DD. but there is something that is preventing Luffy from beating DD and that is Fujitora, so for him to leave the Palace there has to happen something really important (my wild guess would be some of Kaido crew top tier member show up in the city to kill DD and Fujitora has to go defeat them leaving DD alone). Also Kin’emon disappear so he may go after Kanjuro, we know that when someone is turned into a toy everyone forgets about them, so since Kin’emon is always referring to him that means that DD is keeping him prisoner for unknown purposes. Baby 5, Buffalo and Gladius are wild cards, they are with DD (at least 2 of them are) and there is no one to fight them when Luffy reaches DD, Violet couldnt take the 3 of them maybe 1 but not 3(Kin’emon disappear and Zoro may stay behind fighting Pica). I dont think we will see Sunny gang so soon.(wild guess here the one who will fight Sanji is gonna be Jimbe, he is gonna defeat Sanji and take Caesar to make a deal with Big Mom to leave his crew and FI.) As for Usopp and Robin i dont know how they can defeat Trebol since he is most likely a Logia (probably Sap Fruit or maybe he is a Zoan Snail) and they dont have Haki my guess here is they defeat Sugar by suprise and the Fighters from the CC will defeat him ( maybe Don Chinjao) As for Franky i dont think he will finish his battle with the 2 DD crew members he probably will use the marine distraction to get inside the factory. I would say that Sabo has KHaki since he evades that Fighting Fish and he seems to be with his back turned to the water. Oda may have Diamante defeat JB just so we can see his power, then it will be 3vs1, Diamante will take Barto and Rebecca down eventually leaving Sabo alone and Sabo is gonna win in the end. When Toy Soldier is about to be destroyed by Lao G, Sugar is defeated and he reverts back to human (he is for certain Kyros) defeating Lao G.

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