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Right unless Obito could time travel, by revealing tobi as obito kishi has basically confirmed Obitos body was taken over by Izuna and this is why
1. Nagato already had Rinnegan before Obito died; Obito never met madara(unless time travel)
2. if he never met madara how did he know about moons eye plan, izanagi, sages sons, jyuubi, knowlege about kyuubis weakened seal at birth etc. this knowledge isn’t in the local bookstore
3. the way he talked about his hatred for hashirama seemed genuine. Izuna would have hated Hashirama as well
4. sorry but theres no way Obito could become that messed up. before he died everyone saw his resolve. Even if Rin died it wouldnt make him want to control the world with moons eye

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