Naruto 689 Prediction – Kakashi’s New Power

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SASUKE : How could he use susano ?
NARUTO : No time to wonder about that we need to defeat that monster
Sasuke and kakashi spot a chakra figure with sharingan + rinnegan eye
SASUKE : That must be the
NARUTO : True form
KAKASHI : I will erase It
kakashi concentrate on that chakra form with rinnegan+sharingan. The vortex motion appear around it .
NARUTO : Ha ! there
SASUKE : [ kakashi is already on action ?]
suddenly the monster figure disappear
SAKURA : Sensei you done that don’t you ?
KAKASHI : No I missed it
KAKASHI : [ The use of susano alone put a toll of on me ]
The whole chakra figure disappear
BLACK ZETSU : Mother has finally done it
Sasuke Look at black zetsu
SASUKE : Tell me every thing about Kaguya
BLACK ZETSU : I am not going to Obey you
SASUKE : well that’s good because I m not asking
(Sasuke activate his EMS genjutsu technique on Black zetsu )
( Sasuke start reading blackzetsu’s information )
SASUKE : This is…
(From kaguya’s mouth a chakra snake comes out )
KAGUYA : All the chakra are mine
The snake start to approach team seven
BLACK ZETSU : Mother help me …
The chakra snake come in contact with black zets’s body
Sasuke and Naruto jump in to the sky
The black zetsu is completely absorbed by chakra snake
NARUTO : Can’t touch that
Suddenly a second chakra snake comes behind them
SASUKE : Another one !
Naruto close the eyes
The chakra snake comes so close to Sasuke and Naruto that it feel like it’s end of them
NARUTO : Aaaha!
Sasuke tap on Naruto’s shoulder
NARUTO : Huh !
KAKASHI : ( Pant , Pant ) I made it in time
SASUKE : kakashi you are able to use sharingan
KAKASHI : Yea thanks to obito
SAKURA : Right now we can go to our world ..right kakashi sensei?
SASUKE : We can’t do that …Kaguya need mine and naruto’s chakra If we go in to our world she will follow there to It will be completely mess Right Now I know the secret of Kaguya
NARUTO : Secret ?
SASUKE : Naruto I am sure you can talk with tailed beasts don’t you ?
Naruto : You have a plan ?
SASUKE : Yea Kind of
After a few minutes a vortex motion is appear on on Kaguya’s dimension . From the vortex Sasuke and Naruto appears along with kakashi and Sakura
Kaguya seems controlling the bests inside of her well…

NARUTO : Guys let’s do our best
Kurama,Gyuuki, chomei ,Saikon,Kokuo,Son goku, Isobu, Matatabi and Shukaku : Yeaaaa!
Naruto create a gigantic biju dama..Instead of black color It’s in white color and it’s radiating the chakra and some kind of sound
From kaguya’s mouth nine chakra snakes come out an they are all after team seven
Naruto throw gigantic biju dama …The biju dma reach the nine chakra snakes in blink of an eye It hits the them
Suddenly Naruto reach in a white dimension and there exist all of the nine tailed beasts in chakra figure
KURAMA : Naruto !
GYUUKI: Naruto : How did you come inside in this dimension
NARUTO : That biju dama have a lot of sound included’s not only chakra. The sound iside the biju dama is the key to reach you. With that I can call you and contact you the moment it hits you. It was Sasuke’ s idea so don’t expect me to explain that complicated stuff.

A VOICE : It’s look like your path was correct Naruto..Unlike mine
NARUTO :That voice
A man comes from shadow to talk with Naruto


Naruto 602 Spoiler | Natuto 602 Chapter

The Upcoming Naruto 602 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release Naruto 602 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy Naruto 602 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

First of all, how can Madara tell which is a clone and which isn’t? Sharingan doesn’t allow you to and Nagatoif I recall correctly, was never able to discern when fighting against Naruto. Also, if the one there is not a clone, then the real Naruto is in the other dimension?
I knew there had to be something special about that fan. So it reflects attacks. As if Madara’s defense wasn’t cheap enough. lol. This guy has ability on top of ability. Let’s hope he doesn’t get the 5 treasures, too.
Also, what the heck did Madara mean by between this and the other world? I guess he meant in between Pure and Impure? But he wasn’t sealed, so how would he be in limbo? Maybe both were half dead? I still don’t under stand though. And why were Madara’s eyes normal sharingan. I thought they stayed EMS once you had EMS. Also, I’m guessing Obito got his MS when Rin died. I wonder if he did it himself or what.
Seems kages got wasted as thought. Hopefully Katsuyu can save Tsunade after Tsunade saves the kages. Although, why wouldn’t Katsuyu be able to just save all of them at once?

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Bleach 508 Spoiler | Bleach 508 Chapter

The Upcoming Bleach 508 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release Bleach 508 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy Bleach 508 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

I guess why Kubo did not regenerate the Yama-ji’s left arm. Looking at the current situation, he is a walking sun, just to think of it, if he had his left arm at the beginning of the figh with Juca, he did not have to swing his sword, just grasp any body part with his left hand to just eradicate it . But in his situation, he only has one arm, which is holding his zanpantou, and we can come to conclusion that, why not to try to touch with your body which has heat as much as sun instead of trying to hit with sword, because Yama-ji can not let go his zanpaktou, otherwise heat burn will himself imo. The zanpaktou itself gives protection to Yama-ji from the heat. This case is like these: Barragan has a layer that protects himself from his aging ability, Aizen’s Kyoka Suigetsu, in order to prevent the complete hypnosis, u needed to touch the blade. After figuring, or Kubo letting Juca obtain this kind of thinking, Yama-ji will go down, sadly. Second case is, has anyone thought about 3rd or 4th releases of Ryuujin Jakka like Byakuya’s, Senkei, Hakku… The bankai itself just is enough to destroy whole SS if it will be used so long. What would be if it has 3rd release, i can not imagine the power, maybe sun would be like a cold water near of it.

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Fairy Tail 300 Spoiler | Fairy Tail 300 Chapter

The Upcoming Fairy Tail 300 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release Fairy Tail 300 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy Fairy Tail 300 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

Well, plotwise the only interesting aspect of the chapter was seeing the girl who gerard just met. We actually get to see a bit of her expression and it seems just seeing the hotel FT was at made her quite sad. We can’t really tell the reason for this though. I do still think that she is a time traveler for the time being and seeing FT caused her some emotions. Not sure who she could be. If she is indeed a time traveller though, it has some pretty grim implications. So far the only magic which could hypothetically do that is arc of time and only if the magical world which zeref wanted to create is complete. In this regard if she is a time traveler then she must be from a future in which zeref won and 90% of the worlds population and perhaps anyone who opposed zeref died. We got a good look at gerard’s face being in erza’s special area (as if she didn’t want that) and a roughly similar situation with wakaba and macao (gross). Why in the hell are the trimen naked? Was cana in an orgy with cuatro puppy? It does seem like grey and leon are still hugging. Is there actually a chance that those 2 are actually gay as jubia suspects? By now grey is old enough to be leon’s boytoy. And is that max with with a broom shoved up his ass? Kinana is also getting a lot of appearances this chapter. I do wonder if she will ever be plot relevant in the manga specially if we consider the role she had in the anime.

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Naruto Chapter 600 | Naruto Manga 600

Read Naruto 600 Raw online. Naruto 600 Spoiler. You could read the latest and hottest Naruto 600 in manga here.Read Naruto Spoiler 600. Naruto Chapter 600 is the next chapter to come out on Naruto 600 manga series. This page will soon be updated with Naruto 600 manga scans, raw, spoilers or when Naruto 600 is out.

Right unless Obito could time travel, by revealing tobi as obito kishi has basically confirmed Obitos body was taken over by Izuna and this is why
1. Nagato already had Rinnegan before Obito died; Obito never met madara(unless time travel)
2. if he never met madara how did he know about moons eye plan, izanagi, sages sons, jyuubi, knowlege about kyuubis weakened seal at birth etc. this knowledge isn’t in the local bookstore
3. the way he talked about his hatred for hashirama seemed genuine. Izuna would have hated Hashirama as well
4. sorry but theres no way Obito could become that messed up. before he died everyone saw his resolve. Even if Rin died it wouldnt make him want to control the world with moons eye

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One Piece Chapter 680 | One Piece Manga 680

Read One Piece 680 Raw online. One Piece 680 Spoiler. You could read the latest and hottest One Piece 680 in manga here.Read One Piece Spoiler 680. One Piece Chapter 680 is the next chapter to come out on One Piece 680 manga series. This page will soon be updated with One Piece 680 manga scans, raw, spoilers or when One Piece 680 is out.

Good chapter. We’re making some progress. Vergo seems set to join the battle. Curious to see what he’s capable of. Every week, it seems more and more likely that the SHs are going to have another member by the end of the arc. The page of ‘The Three Musketeers’ slashing thtough the forces was awesome, and seems to only add to the suspicion that Kinemon is on his way to joining premanently, or having some extended run beyond Punk Hazard with, the SHs. And the renewed interest in the dragon suggests that he’s possible as the new pet, or is going to be of some import later on. I’m excited to see what happens.

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Naruto 599

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One Piece 679

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