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Oda continues to give another blow for women empowerment, way to go, Robin going to fight please, just be a bodyguard for Rebecca while the men folk fight, and than we find out the little princess great power is the power of tears, way to go Oda, girl power girl power. Seriously Mashima and his fan service ways is more of a positive towards women than Oda. Anyway as soon as I saw the chapter title I knew this chapter wasn’t going to be great. I say this the princess she shows why she is the princess of these people and why she rules over them, she is a lot smarter than the rest of her clan. She wasn’t a 100 percent sucker for people lying. If so she would be welling healing the executives with a smile of face saying “I am helping the good guys”. I was worried though they were all going to be healed, and we have to start all over again and this arc would never end. Thank god that didn’t happen, let’s get these footer enemies out of the way and stay out of the way, and we can focus on the good stuff. Well if Robin isn’t going to Diamante and just be a bodyguard for Rebecca, then it looks like she won’t be fighting Trebol. So who’s going to fight Trebol if that’s the case? I had a feeling Robin wasn’t going to fight Diamante because she’s no match for him. Oda established early on that Robin cannot fight against a major enemy solo, she’s just not strong enough, and even with the time-skip, apparently she still isn’t otherwise I don’t see why Oda wouldn’t have given her this grand opportunity, especially since Nami, who can fight against major enemies solo, isn’t here.

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One Piece manga fans, Are you searching for the latest one piece 757. one piece 757 Chapter and one piece Manga 757 will be out. one piece 757 is available soon keep on eye on narutostat for more info.

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Another problem kyros and rebecca isnt at the same power lvl if they both unite themselves to beat diamante it will ruin kyros bad-ass character putting him in the same power as rebecca and that unfair for a badass strong character like the legendary kyros since we will compare them as equals where kyros is certently more powerful even with 1 leg if rebecca beats diamante herself it will ruin diamante character making look like a weakling and it will make rebecca looking like a very powerful character were she isnt. Rebecca shouldnt be in the lvl of an executive it will be a huge turn off because we expect more things from diamante i hope oda wont ruin the balance. Kyros must be the guy who beats diamante he lost 10 years of his life his daughter couldnt remember him his wife died he lost more than rebecca who lost just a mother. I hope oda wont destroy the balance with unfitting stuff.

I’m not bothered by the idea of Rebecca beating Diamante on her own as long as it is written well. Oda lets characters beat “stronger” opponents somewhat frequently. Sometimes it’s through sheer force of will, other times it’s from strategy or insight, and other times pure luck. If Rebecca wins through pure skill or by will power, then I won’t be happy – Diamante is too high class of a fighter for that. But if she wins by figuring out his DF weakness or “wins” by circumstance (like Luffy “winning” against Kuzan by letting his crew escape) then I could accept that.

Rebecca Vs. Diamante:That moment omg i will never forget, just awesome. imagine that in anime i’d die. the poor little 15 years old girl Rebecca against the killer of her mother. very touching, good match-up Oda!
I don’t believe that she has NO chance like everyone states here, but I also do believe that she receives help from Kyros when they’re finished with the toy mummies soldiers what ever. Robin & Barto Vs. Gladius: Finally some shining moment for the lovely Robin-swaaan. Hopefuly the fight isn’t off-panel…! Sugar’s awake: hahahahah so funny that she now hates everyone with long nose or long things just becasue of usopp. she’s now very angry and her DF seems to be stronger when she’s angry, they’re zombies now.

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The Skypia arc is one piece 756 nothing compared to this arc with the slow pace and dragging things on. I wonder why Oda is making things difficult for himself by trying to handle so many characters in one arc. As we already didn’t have enough. So with the midget Shirohoshi things will drag on even more and the executives of DD seem to be a joke cause Franky left in the middle of a fight and senior pink didn’t do anything. So Franky in this arc will altogether have defeated 4 executives of DD. Nice going. I think it’s because all these characters are going to come back in the future and play some kind of a role in the end. Oda has said there’s going to be a massive war and it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of characters don’t come back to be part of it.

one piece 756 chapter

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Also, Oda has recently said he’s had a lot of inspiration for new characters and they all may be a result of that. Even without all the new characters the One Piece world already has a lot of characters that play a big role. And we also have to remember that the Supernovas like Law,Kidd etc weren’t planned form the beginning but were forced on Oda from his managers casue they thought Luffy needed more rivals. So this whole arc originally wasn’t planned like this by Oda and could be the reason why it sucks so much. I guess to many reactions to how we slowly are getting to see some of the “mysteries” of this arc getting reveled, I mean it’s odd that the whole thing has lasted this long and we are getting some progress in areas I almost forgot. Assuming the plot in this chapter takes us to the SMILE factory? I guess Oda wants to drag the full epic conclusion to the arc, but it seems he was saving stuff up so it’s not just Luffy, Law and co. running after Doflamingo? So we get these side events now? I like to see how these plots will come together in the end as well as wanting them to have a bigger influence in a climax that will not lead to a disappointment in the arc, which was in a few terms and experiment arc for New World large arcs for Oda it seems? Personally, I would like to see the chapter titled;”The fourth card”, adding princess manshelly(?) To the other three established cards (momo, factory, CC) respectively. I have a feeling that Oda is slowly(painfully) pealing back the layers of each person’s history as it relates to Dofla(the purpose of the trip to Dress Rosa for the samurai before PH, the 800 year history of the dwarf’s grudge and the princess’ imprisonment, not to mention LAW’S Past) eventually leading to a huge flashback the satisfies and answers all of the questions of this arc. while telling (showing) more about Dofla himself and his true story and transgressions leading up to our current events.

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Welcome to one piece Chapter 755 Spoiler English. one piece 755 is the next chapter to come out on one piece manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 585 manga scans will be posted here soon. He’s not all out yet. But do you think Pica is all out? Pica wanted to attack Rebecca, he wasn’t even aiming at Zoro. Zoro might have the edge now since he seems to understand the fruit but I really doubt that Zoro can play with Pica like he could on Fishmen Island and PH. Just wait and see – a one shot or super easy fight would be really bad for One Piece as a whole.

one piece 755 chapter

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That’s his thing. He said that Kaku was below him too while the fight was pretty damn close. Don’t worry, he won’t one shot Pica. And he’s not “on an entirely different level”. He’s just super confident and yes – he will win. But not easily. So it seems logical that even his top executives would not be able to stand up to Zoro, because if Doflamingo is Luffy’s enemy, they must be somewhere around the same strength level to have an interesting fight. Zoro has never been THAT far behind Luffy in terms of strength, so it would be weird if someone who is way weaker than Luffy’s enemy would be a suitable challenge for Zoro. -> He should be able to pwn Pica. Of course, the devil’s fruit can make all the difference and he can put up a good fight by just avoiding to get hit. I’m only talking about raw fighting potential here.

I guess what I was trying to say is that the Donquixote Pirates are actually more like the Mafia than a real pirate crew. Doflamingo has some people who are truly devoted to him (no idea how he did it with his personality oO), but in general, people working for him don’t have a choice but to display their loyalty, even if they don’t really care about him all that much. Monet wanted to blow herself up even before Doflamingo said anything of the sort, but he, not knowing that (!), called her and gave her the order to do so. So, what if she didn’t want to do it? You think he would have forgiven her? Well, I’m not sure, we can only speculate about that. The point I was trying to make is that he gives these kinds of orders, expecting them to be followed and if you don’t follow them, there will be trouble up to and including your death. I don’t think he’d kill his executives as easily as he wanted to kill Bellamy, but the threat of violence is always hovering above their heads, ensuring that they will stay on track. Because he likes being the uncontested boss and also because any slip-up might cause his imperium to crumble (as it is happening right now), Doflamingo wouldn’t take in anyone who could give him trouble, like any strong, self-respecting New World pirate.

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Welcome! Enjoy scanning of one piece 738 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. It seems odd though that Blackbeard would send Burgess if he was not confident that he could win though.

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They aren’t playing for some petty or replacable prize, Ace’s fruit is sort of a big deal and Blackbeard knows this first hand. Losing it may not be a giant blow to him since it’s not as if the winner would definitely become a threat to him (he beat Ace at full power), but it seems like quite an asset to trust one of your average fighters to obtain. I think Sabo is simply THAT strong, a stronger fighter than even Blackbeard would have expected to show up at this tournament because Burgess is no joke. I believe Burgess’ purpose here is to show us how strong Sabo is (geez, people were guessing he’s Admiral level). He’ll get rid of that fat bastard and then clash in one on one with Hira Hira no Mi user and pull off a hard victory! Just a little theory: We know, Aokiji is in these matters. Though in the course of plot we could forget Aokiji for now. What if he works with or for Revolutionary Army? What if he knew about who’s coming to Dressrosa from RA? What if he knew Sabo from his cooperation with RA? And so what if he knew about him and Luffy – been told their past by Sabo and kind of decided on this outcome? Or partook in it? And told Blackbeard to send Burgess because he knew they would be able to beat him – not with ease but beat him?

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If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 736. But as we knew, one piece manga 736 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 736 spoiler, one piece 736 raw, one piece 736 scans, one piece 736 English chapter and Summaries. So did we actually see a glimpse of Fujitora’s sense of justice? He does not believe in the marines that much, hm, and weird that Dofla would strike him first, Dofla was more scare of Kuzan, maybe because he thinks Fujitora is new?

one piece 736 manga

one piece 736

Doflamingo attacking Fujitora seems to also be supported by Senior Pink and Mach Vice not liking the marines butting in, this should be fun, that’s why Oda made the marines a big deal in this arc also, since there will be some sort of break between Fujitora and Doflamingo. so Oda will stick to the battle royale theme in this arc until the end. Franky’s fight is interrupted by Bastille’s unit. And most likely luffy will also have a three-way fight with Dofla and Fujitora. And the colloseoum is also retaining battle royale format in the final. We also got a glimpse with characters way of thinking. The last page makes me think that Sabo is still Sabo. He is still the carefree person, though not as much as Luffy and Ace. Fujitora’s justice is also worth mentioning. Maybe he really is a “gambler” or risk-taker. Trying to abolish shicibukai system yet his “justice” way is a little flexible as to not disturb the civilian’s way of life. Dofla is still overestimating his position and situation. And by the way, the Senor Pink is too much, hahaha. Oda drawn him like a giant baby yet having such good leadership responsibility Don’t over think this. There is a way to lose without going all out. The rule of the tournament is that if you get knock off from the platform. If the remaining players only Diamante and Sabo is skill enough for that. But I doubt the 1st fleet commander under BlackBeard is somehow below DD’s top subordinate. Though, Diamante is pretty experience in fighting in this sort of terrain beside we don’t know his special abilities. Where as, since Burgess is not a DF user (I assume since he fighting for Ace fruit), it seemed he most likely just a straight forward fighter. What I really like about Fujitora is that it show that the marine isn’t as incompetent as before. It felt like after what Crocodile and BB’s incidents, it is almost foolish if the government letting DD get away with this too. When Spandam first appear, it does felt like that some level of the government is really really stupid. I know the marines are separate matter but Sengoku, Aokiji, Akainu, and now Fujitora, these folks are fairly high intelligent.

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If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 734. But as we knew, one piece manga 734 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 734 spoiler, one piece 734 raw, one piece 734 scans, one piece 734 English chapter and Summaries.

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Well it has become apparent that there is at least some connection between the Riku Family and the Samurai from Wano Kuni. As for how far the connection extends, we will have to wait and see. Riku Dold III was known for his kindness, understanding and generosity, which is why no war broke out when he was King. Whenever a neighbouring country was in need of help, it can be implied that Riku offered a helping hand and helped those struggling countries back to their feet. Elizabello II, the King of Prodence Kingdom noted that King Riku saved his country countless times. Noting that, there is the possibility that King Riku was able to help Wano Kuni at one point when they were in crisis. The incident of Ryuma’s grave being robbed, having Ryuma’s corpse and sword (Shusui) stolen (by Moria), being considered a disaster and bringing the country to its knees, may have led to King Riku offering Wano Kuni a helping hand. That gesture could have created a connection between Dressrosa and Wano Kuni. The fact that King Riku didn’t needlessly engage in war (or any at all) plus his ability to maintain balance between countries (Elizabello notes that ever since Riku disappeared, everything was thrown out of balance and there have been nothing but outbreaks of war) may have impressed the majority of Wano Kuni. Wano Kuni isn’t affiliated with any of the World powers so seeing a person, let alone a King, like Riku Dold III, within the New World would most likely be a surprise and privilege for the Samurai who don’t cave in to the power a person wields. The Samurai evaluate a person by their character and actions which subsequently loyalty and trust are built upon (note how Kin’emon and Momonosuke have become fond of Luffy regardless of whether he is a pirate and strong). It is unclear how close Dressrosa and Wano Kuni are, but given that Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Momonosuke drifted to Dressrosa after being shipwrecked on their way to Zou, it can be assumed that they aren’t too far apart. If this possibility is correct, then it is likely King Riku would have offered Wano Kuni help when they were in crisis. Given that, one of the Samurai from Wano Kuni may have taken a liking to one of the woman from Dressrosa, namely Scarlett.

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If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 733. But as we knew, one piece manga 733 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 733 spoiler, one piece 733 raw, one piece 733 scans, one piece 733 English chapter and Summaries.

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What’s interesting is that the four executives under Diamante went to the factory, meaning that the Colosseum tournament will directly go to the final stage after Rebecca wins. Does this mean that Diamante will take on the four challengers all by himself a la Enel (SWEET!!!) or will they first fight each other in semi-finals and then finals and then vs Diamante? I don’t know about you but I’m really interested in these fights, Rebecca, Sabu, Jesus B and Diamante are all very intriguing. As for the executives as a whole, there are only five left of interest minus Sugar, since she doesn’t seem strong. I mean Violet defected and Jora, Baby 5 and Bufallo portrayed no threat what so ever. Franky owned both of them with ease. Which is sad because I really liked Buffalo’s ability, one of the few Oda-esque introduced in this arc/saga. Dellinger, Lao G, Senor Pink and Mach Byce are all headed to the toy house but what SH are left? Could Franky, Robin, Ussop be able to handle them as well as their henchmen + Sugar and Trebol? I don’t think so the Revolutionaries will have to give them a hand on this and Koala did mention of how she longed for seeing Robin again. All in all this is becoming epic, sad that Sanji, Chopper and Brooke aren’t there to fight as well. Also where’s Pika located? Probably simply to inform us where she stands when it comes to power if we look at whole crew structure. Now we know who is below here and who is higher ranked than she is. look at Baby 5 position in crew. She is lowest. And she is on same place as Dellinger was and Dellinger was hinted to be around Bellamys level of stre

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