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Oda continues to give another blow for women empowerment, way to go, Robin going to fight please, just be a bodyguard for Rebecca while the men folk fight, and than we find out the little princess great power is the power of tears, way to go Oda, girl power girl power. Seriously Mashima and his fan service ways is more of a positive towards women than Oda. Anyway as soon as I saw the chapter title I knew this chapter wasn’t going to be great. I say this the princess she shows why she is the princess of these people and why she rules over them, she is a lot smarter than the rest of her clan. She wasn’t a 100 percent sucker for people lying. If so she would be welling healing the executives with a smile of face saying “I am helping the good guys”. I was worried though they were all going to be healed, and we have to start all over again and this arc would never end. Thank god that didn’t happen, let’s get these footer enemies out of the way and stay out of the way, and we can focus on the good stuff. Well if Robin isn’t going to Diamante and just be a bodyguard for Rebecca, then it looks like she won’t be fighting Trebol. So who’s going to fight Trebol if that’s the case? I had a feeling Robin wasn’t going to fight Diamante because she’s no match for him. Oda established early on that Robin cannot fight against a major enemy solo, she’s just not strong enough, and even with the time-skip, apparently she still isn’t otherwise I don’t see why Oda wouldn’t have given her this grand opportunity, especially since Nami, who can fight against major enemies solo, isn’t here.

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I’ve a crazy theory/prediction for Mansherry’s powers. She has the ability to create (recreate) any DF!!
Tontatta can plant any fruit, Doflamingo used them to create SMILE, so what about their princess’s powers ?
She actually might be the main reason for Doflamingo to return to Dressrosa. If what I remember is right, Trebol is the one that gave Doflamingo the Mera Mera no Mi, so where did he find it ? If my prediction is right then he brought it from Mansherry. That’s why Doflamingo is keeping her alive, that also explains why he keeps her in a place like this where King Riku punished his daughters, because her powers aren’t offensive and they don’t help her to escape. Maybe DD didn’t have his DF until he met Mansherry, same with Sugar!

That’s why their powers fit perfectly for his plans, and she also might be his backup plan if anything major happens to him. but there’s two points that still don’t make any sense 1-How would she be useful for King Riku in the current situation ? 2-Why didn’t DD create an Army of DF users ? Why did I think of something this crazy ? because Riku stated that she is very useful to both sides, which means DD captured her according to his plans, but we still didn’t see anything strange DD is using to move his plans, the only thing I might think off is him getting Ace’s DF out of nowhere.

Dat Kanjuro – That guy is awesome! There was definitely some progress in this chapter which I liked. The Luffy group is on its way to reach level 4 with no further delay. Kyros will support Rebecca or step in for her and Law will probably get his handcuffs off finally. Robin getting involved in a proper fight against Gladius is a nice one. At that with chicken head Barto, I like that combo. Mansherry’s location is found out as well. The last double page with Rebecca and Diamante on the flower field looked fantastic. It feels as if Oda made up this flower field just for this panel. Great job.

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You are Reading one piece 755 on is the best place to read one piece manga 755 online. Watch one piece 755 chapter and other manga in high quality for FREE. Last week we expected Law’s flashback – we got “fights” with officers and Tontatta tribe’s revolt in Factory. This week we would expect continuation of “fights” or Luffy and Cavendish making their way far more ahead + perhaps Rebecca’s storyline progress for her and co. to meet Luffy up at Flower Fields or wheever, but what we got to meet Kanjurou after more than half a year..

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I heard in next chapter we will get a peek on the peaceful state Alabasta Since more than one year Oda is teasing us with potential great fights only to troll us at the end cause the enemy’s are not on the level of the SH’s. So it seems like the SH crew might only face their limits when they clash with one of the yonkous. I even doubt that Oda will concentrate on the Zoro vs. Pica fight in the next chapter. Zoro has always said that. There is a difference between the fight of Zoro vs kaku and the fight of Zoro vs Pica. Kaku was pushing Zoro all the time but Pica seems to be all about his DF which Zoro said he figured it out, so I don’t see much hope for pica. Since the New World stated whenever Zoro said the enemy is beneath him then he proved that the enemy really was beneath him. Look at fishman island,punk hazard. Well Zoro is the character who gets the most fanboying. I like him too but people keep overestimating him because they think he’s so badass. I fell like the judgement of many people is off when it comes to Zoro. It seems like he has figured the fruit out.

And he’s not all out yet. But do you think Pica is all out? Pica wanted to attack Rebecca, he wasn’t even aiming at Zoro. Zoro might have the edge now since he seems to understand the fruit but I really doubt that Zoro can play with Pica like he could on Fishmen Island and PH. Just wait and see – a one shot or super easy fight would be really bad for One Piece as a whole. That’s his thing. He said that Kaku was below him too while the fight was pretty damn close. Don’t worry, he won’t one shot Pica. And he’s not “on an entirely different level”. He’s just super confident and yes – he will win. But not easily. So it seems logical that even his top executives would not be able to stand up to Zoro, because if Doflamingo is Luffy’s enemy, they must be somewhere around the same strength level to have an interesting fight. Zoro has never been THAT far behind Luffy in terms of strength, so it would be weird if someone who is way weaker than Luffy’s enemy would be a suitable challenge for Zoro. -> He should be able to pwn Pica. Of course, the devil’s fruit can make all the difference and he can put up a good fight by just avoiding to get hit. I’m only talking about raw fighting potential here.

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I guess what I was trying to say is that the Donquixote Pirates are actually more like the Mafia than a real pirate crew. Doflamingo has some people who are truly devoted to him (no idea how he did it with his personality oO), but in general, people working for him don’t have a choice but to display their loyalty, even if they don’t really care about him all that much. Monet wanted to blow herself up even before Doflamingo said anything of the sort, but he, not knowing that (!), called her and gave her the order to do so. So, what if she didn’t want to do it? You think he would have forgiven her? Well, I’m not sure, we can only speculate about that. The point I was trying to make is that he gives these kinds of orders, expecting them to be followed and if you don’t follow them, there will be trouble up to and including your death. I don’t think he’d kill his executives as easily as he wanted to kill Bellamy, but the threat of violence is always hovering above their heads, ensuring that they will stay on track. Because he likes being the uncontested boss and also because any slip-up might cause his imperium to crumble (as it is happening right now), Doflamingo wouldn’t take in anyone who could give him trouble, like any strong, self-respecting New World pirate.

What he’s running feels more like a crime syndicate, where everyone will have to follow the rules and obey his orders, which is much different from the chaotic piracy we see most of the time. The stronger somebody is, the less likely it feels that they would want to submit themselves to this kind of system… so in the end, no REALLY strong pirates will apply to work for Doflamingo and even if they did, he would turn them down, because that is not what he needs.Zoro’s growth is the probably the one that we are all wanting to see more than anything because his growth has been the one that is teased the most since the time skip. At Fishman Island, it looked like he was geared up, but really that guy was easy. Fishman Island was more for the rest of the crew than for the powerhouses. Punk Hazard had two shows at that time when he both took on the dragon and when he beat Mone with just his killing intent. All teases. But then on this arc so far, we have had him take on an admiral and survive while also aiming to attack DD. He also went as far to overpower the gravity ability from Fuji and now we get to see that an ability as difficult as Peeka’s is not even tiring him out. It does allude to Luffy’s strength and Zoro knows that Luffy has gotten a lot stronger and would only expect that from him. the ability to give life to whatever you draw is part of the japanese culture, it’s not like Kanjuroo is a ” One Piece’s Sai “, Sai is one of many moreeee that have such ability, since Wa no Kuni represents One Piece’s Japan is very fitting for him to have that ability IMO.

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Maybe the reason Roger wasn’t the one to turn the One Piece world up side down was precisely because he didn’t make many allies, even though he had everything from strength, ancient weapon, rio poneglyph and One Piece itself. Aside from his crew, he seems to have been hated around the world as a devil or something of the sort. The only exception I’ve seen so far was Gan Fall.

Mihawk (during the marineford war) and some others have commented throughout the manga have said that Luffy’s greatest or most dangerous strength is his ability to make allies. Completely overturning society isn’t something a person can do single-handed because it requires a lot more than just defeating people.

Actually, since chapter 1 of One Piece, the moral has been that if you have a dream, you have to fight for it yourself (Luffy’s lesson to Coby). So as Luffy travels, he has been making allies who will eventually fight the tyranny of the World Government for their own freedom alongside the strawhats together where after the government is overthrown, those countries and peoples will be able to live freely without the kind of chaos that was there after Whitebeard was defeated.

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My predictions for the next chapters So we have Pica (his DF may be a Myth Zoan and work in similar way to Sengoku’s Fruit, both alter size and give a huge boost in power) i think Zoro may stay to fight him while Luffy goes for DD. but there is something that is preventing Luffy from beating DD and that is Fujitora, so for him to leave the Palace there has to happen something really important (my wild guess would be some of Kaido crew top tier member show up in the city to kill DD and Fujitora has to go defeat them leaving DD alone). Also Kin’emon disappear so he may go after Kanjuro, we know that when someone is turned into a toy everyone forgets about them, so since Kin’emon is always referring to him that means that DD is keeping him prisoner for unknown purposes. Baby 5, Buffalo and Gladius are wild cards, they are with DD (at least 2 of them are) and there is no one to fight them when Luffy reaches DD, Violet couldnt take the 3 of them maybe 1 but not 3(Kin’emon disappear and Zoro may stay behind fighting Pica). I dont think we will see Sunny gang so soon.(wild guess here the one who will fight Sanji is gonna be Jimbe, he is gonna defeat Sanji and take Caesar to make a deal with Big Mom to leave his crew and FI.) As for Usopp and Robin i dont know how they can defeat Trebol since he is most likely a Logia (probably Sap Fruit or maybe he is a Zoan Snail) and they dont have Haki my guess here is they defeat Sugar by suprise and the Fighters from the CC will defeat him ( maybe Don Chinjao) As for Franky i dont think he will finish his battle with the 2 DD crew members he probably will use the marine distraction to get inside the factory. I would say that Sabo has KHaki since he evades that Fighting Fish and he seems to be with his back turned to the water. Oda may have Diamante defeat JB just so we can see his power, then it will be 3vs1, Diamante will take Barto and Rebecca down eventually leaving Sabo alone and Sabo is gonna win in the end. When Toy Soldier is about to be destroyed by Lao G, Sugar is defeated and he reverts back to human (he is for certain Kyros) defeating Lao G.

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I think it’s rather ironic that the people watching the fight in the arena have been booing Rebecca, just as a lot of people on the forum are. It illustrates a valuable life lesson. Than when you’re down and trying to get up, sometimes everyone will want you to stay down, and say that you just don’t have what it takes. But you have to find the strength to get back up. That’s an interesting point but I think the difference is that the OP people hate her cause of her bloodlines, forum people see her as “Vivi 2” from what I can tell. The spoilers seems very messy and like someone said, too long and jammed pack. From what I can figure out, I know that Luffy will have a strong ally with the Cannibal guy since he and Sabo are both upset that she is being booed at. I really hope she doesn’t win, mainly because in comparison to the other people, she doesn’t seem that strong. If she wins, she’ll have to fight against the Cannibal Guy or that guy from BB’s crew or Sabo. She’ll be crush or the other one pretends to lose, I want to see a good fight with characters on a similar level. From what she has displayed, she is below theirs. I mean one of those guys defeated Ace in the past, the other one is BB’s first mate and the third one can make an invincible barrier that even one of the Flamingo’s top officers cannot break. She’s an ant compare to them.

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It could have been also Rebbeca as he looks like doing push ups on last page But seriously after whole build up of this chapter, after what Luffy said about meeting up in finals with Rebbeca it would make sense for her to be really strong in a skill way so to say. Like she did some chain soru-like move with hitting some weak spot to KO every single fighter in block. Toy Soldier is probably Kyros himslef so it would make sense for her to have winner genes. Different outcome would make reading One Piece volume weird, not as good as with all build up reaching it climax in Rebbeca winning. We seen Kuro to be so fast that not even visible, same like soru users so Rebbeca might have some pretty close skill. Also nobody out of beaten people seems to be bloodied or cut, she is shown to be on the ground with some blood around her and I think its smoke screen from Oda as its arena and plenty of people gotten cut there till end of fight so blood isnt hers. For now it one big question about what happened IN DETAIL. I do enjoyed that chapter more than last one and Dwarfs seems to be amazingly strong as for their size, one of them should easily join strawhats. It was really funny how one of Dwarfs name is Rambo and then he is shown to be really strong fighter Shame that we have to wait for next chapter for like 2 weeks.. More and more of build up. Also Suleiman has something from Russian in him aaaannndd seems to be pretty badass as I expected. Next chapter will bring us flashback-explanation on what happened in Block D and I really do hope for Sanji being finally badass, not shown in circumstancial fights as it was till now.

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