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naruto 689 chapter

naruto 689 manga

The way Obito and Rin interacted with each other was really nice and warm. I could imagine how the trio were like during their early ninja days. Rin was such a gentle girl, no wonder Obito felt for her. Any guy would have taken notice of a cute girl like Rin especially having spent so much time together.

It seemed like Kakashi having Obito’s Sharingan eye might have some effects on him previously, like some kind of harmonisation. For him to get it for both eyes would probably be the bestest of gift from his good friend. Though Obito said that the eyes “might expire” but it could be that the effects of Obito’s current “administered” power was temporal and not the eyes or the eyes’ power that would fade away (after Obito’s spirit was gone) in which he was referring to. In other words, Kakashi’s eyes would still be able to function properly like ordinary eyes and he could “activate” them, either one eye or both eyes, when needed.

It was quite interesting to see Kakashi had a spam of Susanoo as he clung firmly to his titles – Copy Ninja Kakashi and Kakashi of the Sharingan, as well as his friend’s will. I have always thought that Kakashi was a good candidate for being a Hokage and Obito (since last chapter) had already told him that he would be useful in the future and that was why he was willing to sacrifice himself for his friend’s survival. On the other side, Naruto seemed like having a lot of fun with Kaguya, together with all the tailed-beasts. Poor Black Zetsu was crying for mummy. His mouth turned downwards. Naruto and the nine bijū seemed to be taking up the mother-and-son’s limelight. Don’t know how long the both of them could sustain. But with Kakashi coming back to the scene, Kaguya and Black Zetsu would have one more opponent to fight with. I think the next time we see them, it would be “students-and-sensei” vs “mother-and-son”.

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Read Naruto 687 Chapter – Obito’s Last Words

You are Reading naruto 687 on is the best place to read naruto manga 687 online. Watch naruto 687 chapter and other manga in high quality for FREE. I assumed it was the bonds that kept Obito and Kakashi moving despite the gravity, but after being stabbed, Tobi should have fallen. There’s no way Kaguya can control who the gravity affects, otherwise she wouldn’t have let it affect her. So, either plot or desire to protect.

naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 spoiler

I hope Obito finally dies, that’s one less shitty character to deal with. If Sasuke turns completely good and nice and Sakura stops crying and whining, then two less annoying/crappy characters to bear with as well. Kakashi shouldn’t be brooding though, that’s not like him at all. If anything, Kakashi should be thinking of ways to help, observing and analyzing. No one liked the reference to Naruto vs. Neji? This is the same thought Naruto had when he was fighting Neji – Neji would go after the body that stayed back for safety, just as how Kaguya would go after teh body with the black orbs. I think that it should be the first time that Hashirama’s cells would be considered as useless for sure. Not even Rikudou Mode Naruto Shadow Clones became ashes when they came into contact with the bones. Naruto and Kaguya were still “wrestling” each other while Kakashi was waiting for opportunity to help. Obito did a good job by opening the dimension to teleport the three of them over to Naruto. Sasuke was pretty fast in responding to situation the moment he touched the ground. Naruto was good with his clones in that he knew how to manipulate them to his own advantage.

Even Kakashi-sensei felt it too though he phased it in a weird way. hehe! Didn’t know that Kaguya had some hidden technique with “sharps” shooting out from her palms. Kakashi and Obito had finally reconciled as if Rin was also there with them. It might be a good closure for the two guys. I guess it was only natural for Obito to seek death since he did not seem to have a will to live after he lost his love. But Kakashi would be sad to lose his friend again. While as you know yourself, Naruto is capable of performing tasks which not even Hashi’s cells can’t. For awakening the EMS, aren’t the eyes of someone of the same blood needed? most preferably a sibling? the commas of both Mangekyou converge as shown with Madara and Sasuke’s EMS, so no way that Kakashi is going to awaken the EMS lol. Though I’m sure that with even the 2 Mangekyous, he won’t even be able to stand properly, one usage and he’ll already be begging Naruto to save his life. He doesn’t have Hashi’s so much vaunted wood for all we know and even one eye put a lot of strain on him ( yeah yeah I know the guy was spamming it a lot ) but hey it’s Kishi though, he’ll find a proper excuse for that. This is where Naruto shows his incompetency though – had he been able to use bunshin like Kakashi or Itachi, he could have dealt damage to Kaguya, whether via explosion or lightning (although he doesn’t have raiton). Was about to facepalm at Naruto not looking at the enemy until I remembered the body is likely a clone.

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Naruto 687 Chapter | Naruto 687 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 687. But as we knew, naruto manga 687 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 687 spoiler, naruto 687 raw, naruto 687 scans, naruto 687 English chapter and Summaries.

naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 manga

Its closing time for Obito. A bit upset that the Uchiha massacre wasn’t brought up. But I think Kishi is saving it for a moment between Sakura/Kakashi or Sasuke/Sakura. I mean its going to come out just dk from where. I find it funny NS says that SS got trolled like it did during the CPR “supposed reaction.” Not EVEN CLOSE!! SS, we got our moment, it was mutal between both and made it mysteriously obvious when they returned to the battlefield. That it was a behind the scene. Notice Kishi didn’t show what Sakura’s POSITIVE thoughts are? But heavily highlighted her negative thoughts chapters ago? Its because SasuSaku is in the making from here on out. Loving where its going. Though pretty sad NS is holding onto that ObiRin parallel I kinda sorta not really, maybe just a tiny bit feel bad [no not really] that thats all it got. I wanted that at first but now I kind of think Kamui should just die with Obito. Instead I hope that Sasuke just learns to use more powerful time/space techniques with his own Rinnegan somehow. Seriously, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is way under served, it is the True Rinnegan, it should be capable of high level abilities similar to what Kaguya’s can do. So far the only truly new power he has gotten is a time/space technique that isn’t even half as good as Kamui or even Flying Thundergod.

Flying Susanoo is cool but that’s just an upgrade to a technique he already had, my guess is that Indra had the same ability based on his Susanoo design so I doubt its even a Rinnegan technique. So if that is all Sasuke’s Rinnegan can do, Kishimoto totally dropped the ball. Nagato’s incomplete Rinnegan could flatten cities, create city sized meteors, create magical robotic armor, control multiple bodies, summon many beasts, absorb all chakra attacks, rip out peoples souls and resurrect the dead. By comparison Sasuke’s Rinnegan looks like a child’s plaything, so I think in order to justify his eye even being called a Rinnegan he needs to start using at least a half a dozen more powers that are as good or better than the ones we have already seen. thank Obito for keeping Kakashi alive so that Kakashi can find out that he can do something besides be a “meat shield.” I’m just curious how long it will be before Kakashi ends up doing something important now. Kishimoto isn’t doing the massacre now. Clearly he’s saving it for a post-war arc. I’m almost positive that we’re getting that post-war arc now focusing on Sasuke. The only way I see us not having a post-war arc is if something else happens due to needing to free everyone from IT (though I think the Edo Hokages are going to do something with that) and/or Madara’s possible return. Sasuke has too many things that need to be cleared up and Kishimoto keeps punting his chances to deal with them. He can keep punting them if he’s planning on addressing them all when the war is over.

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Naruto 686 Chapter | Naruto 686 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 686. But as we knew, naruto manga 686 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 686 spoiler, naruto 686 raw, naruto 686 scans, naruto 686 English chapter and Summaries. Obito spent something like 2 decades wringing his hands menacingly, causing all manner of terrible things to happen. Terrible things that didn’t even have anything to do with Infinite Tsukuyomi.

naruto 686 chapter

naruto 686 manga

At the same age Sasuke is now, Obito was attacking the Leaf with Kurama, murdering Biwako/Kushina/Minato/etc., and was milking Nagato and the original Akatsuki for all the political destabilization he could possibly muster. He spent years personally ensuring that the shinobi system would destabilize. and he did it based on far stupider reasoning than even Sauske. I will give this to Sauske – he at least is willing to ask questions and put forward some degree of effort in trying to see things for himself before he acts. He may make terrible assumptions with his information. He may jump to highly questionable and illogical conclusions. But at least he does try. That’s more than can be said for Obito, who didn’t even bother asking any questions to anybody before he became Madara’s & Zetsu’s stooge hook, line, and sinker.

and for Sasuke it is true that Sauske has always treated his companions with what can only be described as dismissive rudeness and churlish indifference. He ignores everyone’s advice. He tells them to shut up. He tells them they’re annoying. He tells them not to interfere. He threatens them. He abandons them. He is brusque, selfish, and impolite. So for him to bother catching Sakura can be said to be an improvement over his typical behavior – which is far more loutish. I’ll acknowledge that for that action Sauske was not as big of a jerk as he USUALLY is. But I don’t see that this (by itself) is anything to be impressed by. He has made small, polite gestures to people in the past and they didn’t mean anything or show that he was a good person. Just because Sauske chose to pay the weird Cat Lady instead of robbing her doesn’t mean he was on a path to philanthropy.

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Naruto 685| Naruto 685 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 685. But as we knew, naruto manga 685 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 685 spoiler, naruto 685 raw, naruto 685 scans, naruto 685 English chapter and Summaries.

naruto 685 chapter

naruto 685 manga

This chapter reminds me once again of Naruto’s battle tactics. Anyone still remember how he took out Pein (the key-part that resurrects all the others). For those who don’t like this release, you go attempt to create your own story and lets see if your own manga will have a wikia or even smth similar to the base. Great plot development in my opinion. Cliff hangers as well: What is Hagoromo and the hokages up to? What is Sasuke trying to do? What does Kaguya have in mind? If the white zetsus were people once in Infinit Tsukuyomi, how come Obito (when he was still only Tobi) was able to create 100,000 just for the war (Obito informed Kabuto he used the chakra from the Jubi’s Body to create many zetsus for war). Many other mouth-watering questions are still left that Kishi is slowly building up to. Others are: what exactly is the relationship between the 10 tails and Kaguya. Where is Kaguya from? Did Hagoromo and brother fight Kaguya or fight the 10 tails or both at the same time?

Kagaya keeps praising naruto and even considered him enough of threat to attempt to kill him. Shadow clone jutsu is awesome, 2nd time Kagaya was hit lel. Wonder what/how Naruto will live through her attack. Also Naruto has steam melting power equivalent to ama lmao. Sakura hype might not be debunked this time though since she is the only one left to help Obito, but it’s clear that Naruto’s chakra is capable of doing what Obito is doing since he made it to Kagaya’s dimension fine, however his clones can’t. Kagaya also has 6 dimensions (lava, desert, ice) wonder what the other 3 are?

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Naruto 664 – Hopeless

naruto 664 manga

naruto 664

Naruto 664 Prediction-Hopeless
Tobirama: !? *Who is that?*
Two hands start healing Sasuke’s back
Opening panel shows Kabuto on his knees healing him.
Tobirama: Who are you?
Kabuto: I’m Kabuto Yakushi, nothing more, nothing less. *it took my a while to realize, but Itachi was right after all, I wasn’t meant to be someone else, I was meant to do this, and now I see why*
Tobirama: It’s too late, your medical ninjutsu won’t save him at this point.
Kabuto: You’ve been gone for a long time second hokage, you underestimate this generation.
Sasuke coughs out blood
Kabuto: Wake up, we have work to do.
Sasuke’s eye starts to open and we see a few rings
Madara crashes right in the middle of Obito and Kakashi/Minato
Black Zetsu: Hahaha you really do make everyone look like ants compared to you.
Madara: It’s not my fault they’re all weak
Kakashi: This chakra..did he absorb the 10 tails?
Minato: Most likely, he looks exactly like Obito did but more in control.
Obito: How…did you become the juubi’s jinchuriki so quickly..
Madara: You started the project early, I was just doing what should have been done in the first place. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to adults boy.
Obito: Fuck you
Madara: Hmm
Madara goes to grab his eye
Minato: Kakashi, you have enough chakra?
Kakashi: Yea
Minato: Do it
Kakashi: KAMUI!
As Madara is being warped he suddenly vanishes
He appears behind Minato and Kakashi and puts his hands on the back of their heads
Madara: That level of ninjutsu will no longer work against me
Minato quickly tries to jab his kunai into the left hand of Madara that’s holding Kakashi’s head
Madara: !
Madara releases his head
Minato: Flying Thunder God!
Minato and Madara dissapear
Minato teleports all the way back to Konoha on his statue with Madara
Madara: I see..Tobirama’s jutsu, you’re certainly faster than him however…
Minato: …?
Madara grabs his neck
Minato: Gah..
Madara: Are you trying to buy time? I’ve heard about the yellow flash of the leaf from Obito, the famous “flee on sight” shinobi..but im curious…
Madara gives looks him right in the eye
Madara: What happens if you don’t flee.
Minato: *Shit..sorry second*
Tobirama: *!? I see…eh, do it.*
Minato/Tobirama: Space time swap!
Minato switches places with Tobirama.
Tobirama is face to face with Madara and he spits in Madara’s face
Madara: ……
Tobirama smiles
Madara: Izanaginami!
Tobirama blows up in dust
Madara: Now, back to work.
Gaara: !? There
Minato: !? Naruto what happened?
Sakura: Kabuto!?? and Sasuke?
Scene switches back to Spiral Zetsu
White Zetsu: What now.
Spiral Zetsu: It’s strange, that thing Orochimaru just did…
White Zetsu: ?
Spiral Zetsu claps his hands and the buddha starts increasing in size
Hiruzen: What? He’s making the statue increase in power…the only way he could do that is….
White Zetsu: Ohhh don’t tell me…he knows who you are
Spiral Zetsu: Yeah, and he gave me a nice gift as well.
Onoki: This is…even bigger than Madara’s…
Tsunade: Impossible…
Spiral Zetsu: This sage chakra was definitely what I needed.
White Zetsu: Does this mean..
Spiral Zetsu: Yeah
Last panel shows Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo with Orochimaru behind them with his hands together in sage mode
Spiral Zetsu: He’s still the same.
Chapter end.

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Naruto 663 | Naruto 663 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of naruto 663 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates.

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Well do u think this can happen i believe that sasuke can get rinnegan. ur question how? so answer is simple To get rinnegan u must have both uchiha and senju bloodline and sasuke has one advantage of having uchiha and other is completed by kirin. do u all remember how kirin heal sasuke. he bit he hand that means that he has both uchiha and senju power/ blood. 2nd point 1hokage give some power to sasuke again complete 3rd pointhe is suffering right now that means he can activate it also u may ask how is he going to survive so my answer is sont underestimate oruchimaru well about naruto i dont know may he will die and then revived by sasuke through power of rinnegan or sakura will use the same jutsu that was used by granny chiro (who saved gaara) and dont worry sakura will not die with this beacuse naruto is still alive and then sasuke fight with madara again but no change madara will get upper hand again and then he give rinnegan to naruto and then he will bring full power of rinnegan ( dont worry sasuke can be revived again) well this is what in my mind there so many other things also but it will be better if we moved to our main question so my question is what kuruma told to gaara and will there be any relation with his other part. i mean minato still contain 1/2 of kuruma part which can be highly useful what in the world is oruchimaru’s plan any idea any hint and do u think that he want to read the uchiha tablet to revive his mon and dad and other members (not with reanimation but like rinnegan power) i mean till now every one end is good so far

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Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

Minato is shown on the first page with shocked face, as Kurama is behind him.

Minato: “This… This feeling… It can’t be!”
Kurama: “I’m afraid that it can… My other half was extracted and Naruto is going… to die!”


Minato: “Kakashi! I have to leave this to you! Naruto is in big, big trouble. Madara extracted Kurama’s other half from him.”
Kakashi: “Extracted? So that’s why the Gedo Mazo came out of Obito, it was summoned by that bastard Madara…”
Minato: “Gedo Mazo? You mean that strange statue?”
Obito: “Sensei… listen to me…”


Obito: “Go… and save Naruto. Kakashi… can handle… this. I believe… in him.”
Black Zetsu: “Stop resisting, that Kakashi guy won’t hurt me until I’m in your body! The Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki is going to die, there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Minato is shown with angry expression, looking at Black Zetsu that’s in Obito’s almost lifeless body.


Minato: “I’ll take care of you later. I’ll save Naruto, and then I’ll save Obito. Kakashi, I’ll be back, take care of him while I’m away!”
Kakashi: “Right… Go and save Naruto.”
Black Zetsu: “So be it, Fourth Hokage. Come fast, will you? I want to have some more fun until I retrieve Madara-sama’s other eye.”

Obito gets on his feet, possessed completely by Black Zetsu.


Minato disappears, as he seems to have teleported himself to Naruto’s place.

Kakashi: “Now it’s only me and you. I’ll kill you and release Obito from your control!”
Black Zetsu: “Give me your shot!”
Obito: “Kakashi… We must… cooperate… Look into my Sharingan!”

Kakashi and Obito’s Sharingans are shown connected.


Minato appears on Gaara’s sand where Naruto and Sakura are, as Sakura is shown giving her best in order to heal Naruto.

Minato: “How is Naruto doing?”
Sakura: “It’s no good, I don’t have enough chakra… What in the world happened to him anyway?”
Minato: “The Kyuubi was extracted from his body!”


Sakura: “!!”

Sakura is shown with shocked expression on her face, as she’s getting more concentrated.

Sakura: “I see… So Madara’s trying to revive that thing again… In that case, I’ll do anything to save Naruto, even if I lose my own life!”


Minato: “You don’t have to do this… Tomorrow is Naruto’s birthday, as his father, I have to give him something as a present… The original plan was to combine both halves of Kurama so he can use the maximum of that power, but now the only thing that can save him is to give him the other half of Kurama, my half.”
Kurama: “So you’re going to do it anyway…”


Sakura: “But… that’s…”
Minato: “Yes, I’ll lose a lot of my power, but that’s the only thing we can do to save Naruto. He’s more important than me, he’s the savior of this world.”

Naruto is shown slowly opening his eyes.

Naruto: “Dad… Sakura-chan…”

PAGE 10:

Sakura: “Naruto! Don’t talk, not yet!”
Naruto: “I… can’t feel him…. his presence… he’s gone…”

Naruto and Sakura are shown both crying.

PAGE 11:

Minato: “It’s almost time for your birthday, my son… and for my gift. I’ll transfer my half of Kurama into you so I can save you. It’s up to you to save the other half though.”
Naruto: “Dad…”
Minato: “Sakura, I want you to keep healing Naruto… until I prepare the technique to seal Kurama in Naruto!”

PAGE 12:

Scene switches to Sasuke’s lifeless body, as he’s shown panting heavily.

Madara: “Such a pity…”

Madara attempts to walk away, as Sasuke is shown rising slowly.

Sasuke: “Wait… It can’t end… like this…”

PAGE 13:

Madara: “Impressive… you still have the strenght for this… You’re an Uchiha who have awakened the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after all.”
Sasuke: “I… won’t let you… destroy what my brother… died to protect… I’ll change… this twisted system… and that… foolish reality…”

PAGE 14:

Madara: “What do you know about that reality, kid? You’re talking a lot, but you’re merely a corpse. Well, perhaps you can feel how cruel the reality is right now. You’ve lost your brother… and it looks like you’ve lost much more that that, am I right? I’ll make you feel even more, what the reality is… What a waste.”

Madara activates his Susanoo and prepares to attack Sasuke with multiple Yasaka Magatamas.

PAGE 15:

Sasuke: “No… I…”

Sasuke collapses, as Madara shoots the Magatamas at his direction, when suddenly Triple Rashomon appears to block the projectiles.

Madara: “Rashomon? Is it Hashirama… No… Who are you?”

PAGE 16:

Orochimaru lands near Sasuke, as Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin are shown behind him, taking care of Sasuke.

Karin: “Sasuke! His life force is really fading away fast, we have to do something about it!”
Orochimaru: “The legendary Madara Uchiha… It’s a honor for me to meet you, my name is Orochimaru.”
Madara: “Orochimaru, huh? What does that Uchiha hatchling mean to you, why are you protecting him?”

PAGE 17:

Orochimaru: “This Uchiha hatchling… The new path that Sasuke chose… It’s something that I think is worthy to protect. That’s why I won’t let you to harm him anymore, even if I die in the process.”
Suigetsu: “Orochimaru-sama! Sasuke’s really bad, we need to do something!”
Orochimaru: “Take him to Tsunade, you have to go away from here. I’ll take care of Madara.”

PAGE 18:

Madara: “Brat, are you underestimating me? I’ll show you how cruel this reality is, don’t stand in my way!”
Orochimaru: “You know, I was once a selfish snake, just like you. But now I know something very important… That’s why I won’t let you do as you please, let’s finish this!”

Madara and Orochimaru are shown facing each other in the last panel.


Chapter 663/END

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