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fairy tail 366

As expected, we all knew that Angel is Sorano, indeed. Although, I wonder if Jellal knows if she’s related to Yukino. Pretty sure Doranbolt would’ve known that and passed it to Jellal. If he did, Jellal could probably convince Angel, so that’s one. Now, if only Jellal knew about Kinana, Cobra would probably be easier to convince. Nice to finally know all the others’ names too. I kinda expected Midnight’s name to be Macbeth, too. OS not taking Jellal’s offer right away was also kind of expected, really. Still, Jellal did pretty good against 3 of them. Too bad Natsu’s stealing Jellal’s thunder and saving his girl. Would’ve loved to see how a pissed-off Jellal would look like. If Jellal can hurry up with OS, I’m sure Cobra might hear Erza’s voice and we can get Jellal barging in on Tartaros’ HQ. I still have hope. Either that, or Jellal will personally face Kyouka later on. Also, kudos to whoever guessed Jellal is one of the keys. Now, I’m not sure if the keys are selected randomly by Face itself or the Crawford picked Jellal himself in random, but if it’s the latter, then the old Crawford (before he was bribed) was wise enough to leave something like that to a wizard saint. Really, I do wonder how the keys are selected.

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Fairy Tail 355 | Fairy Tail 355 Spoiler – Song of The Fairies

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 355. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 355 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 355 spoiler, fairy tail 355 raw, fairy tail 355 scans, fairy tail 355 English chapter and Summaries. Well, the chapter was ok. I didn’t expect we would get that much of attention to the Giants’ Village, but in the end we’ve got an introduction of a new character from Tartaros. And her ability somewhat resembles Ivan Dreyar’s ability. It’s also interesting what happens to Minerva in the end.
fairy tail 355 spoilers
Did she die or was she transformed because of Kyouka’s magic? I also don’t really understand Tartaros purposes, I mean they have a demonslayer, who says that his magic exists to fuck up demons, next member we see has some demonical magic and looks and on top of that they look indeed like grown up Gray and Mirajane, dafuq? Its pity that Natsu didn’t get any power up or knowlage from his meeting with Atlast though, cause Tartaros guild members so farm look like they are on gildarts/bluenotes power level conidering they are using other kinds of magic. And how the hell Grimoire heart was the strongest dark guild when there is a guy who can freeze the whole village of giants and an hugeass fire dragon with it? I mean he is on of 9, and I doubt that other members are far weaker than Silver. I like where this is going, looking forward for the next arc. Tartaros looks to be an interesting foe for Fairy Tail, they could be an exciting guild to see in action. I think it unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Minerva. It seems as though the members of Tartaros are possibly designed with very specific opponents amongst Fairy Tail in mind. I’m curious to see how the two guilds are going to come to action against one another. I’m also of the opinion that Ft really don’t need any of the fore mentioned charactors joining their guild as it’s not required.It’s about unity at the end of the day.Knowing that there are others around that share your collective ideals.We’ve seen an alliance formed in the past between ft and Os when they took on part of the ballam alliance and in that case acquired Wendy.I believe we’ll be seeing something like that again but without another slayer joining.

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Fairy Tail 354 | Fairy Tail 354 Spoiler – Effy Artis

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 354. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 354 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 354 spoiler, fairy tail 354 raw, fairy tail 354 scans, fairy tail 354 English chapter and Summaries. Finally we have seen a member of Tartaros and he’s also the one who froze the entire village of the giants just to eradicate Atlas (whose disappearance made me a bit sad). This Silver guy sure is a dangerous one and I wonder whose tomb was he visiting.
fairy tail 354 spoilers
Future character development for someone? Anyway I really liked this chapter and I believe that the arc’s aim was that of introducing Tartaros and that spell called E.N.D (which reminds me of Endless from RM.). I wonder what will happen now though; will we see another God of Ishval? So, now we know how Chelia learned her GSM by herself from a book. That’s good since i was really confused as to how she was able to learn her magic. Now we only have to find out how Orga learn his GSM. On another note, we have GSM as the opposite of DSM, and now we are getting DSM as the opposite of normal Elemental Magic. Now, what would this E.N.D be. It doesn’t feel like it would be a some sort of Spell, but rather it seems to be some sort of being. Could it be a powerful Dragon. First, Demon-Slaying magic (and subsequently, Demon-Slayers). The fact that it could freeze Atlas Flame, definitely shows it’s something special. I wonder if it forms a trio of Slaying magics with the others? Orga and Chelia couldn’t do anything against the dragons, but their magic is strong enough against the Dragon Slayers. Not only that, even though Silver did manage to freeze Atlas Flame’s fire, he still couldn’t extinguish it completely. So, I’m wondering if they form a hierarchical structure. Or maybe it’s pyramid-shaped with Dragon Slaying magic at the top. Speaking of Chelia. so she learned GS magic from a book? not exactly the most satisfying explanation, but it was definitely implied given how Hades “taught” Zancrow Fire GS magic. And we did see Ultear researching time magic in Hades’ library, so it’s not impossible that Hades had the materials necessary for Zancrow to learn Fire GS magic. I think we might learn a bit more about GS magic from Orga sometime soon.

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Fairy Tail 353 | Fairy Tail 353 Spoiler –

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 353. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 353 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 353 spoiler, fairy tail 353 raw, fairy tail 353 scans, fairy tail 353 English chapter and Summaries. Props to those that said the Flame was Atlas Flame. You got it right! So, a Dragon has been revived, what will happen now? Will they go around reviving other dragons? Are they scattered around Fiore/World and in need of assistance?
fairy tail 353 spoilers
I don’t know what to expect anymore. Natsu didn’t went overboard. If you look at the middle of the Mange, Wendy said that Natsu is able to restore that puny little Flame. So he threw down a clever maneuver in using his Secret Arts to give enough power for the flame to be fully restored. I too was right, that it must have something to do with Good’ol Atlas. So far all this arc has done for the story is reintroduce characters that have spent an extremely short frame of time outside of the story and remind us that dark guilds still exist. but at least I’m sure Atlas Flame will tell us something really interesting next week. Felt kinda bad for that eyeball bird thing. I have a feeling it might have been sent by someone from a dark guild to eat Doriarte. natsu get the spotlight back, and who else thinks that atlas flame is just a spirit that wendy summon by milky way ? Erza and Minerva Y U NO fight ? 😐 mashina waste too much page for natsu’s skill but the ending was cool though, can’t wait for the next chapter, maybe atlas flame will teach natsu new ds slaying magic or he will tell natsu where is igneel. There’s also the thing with Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail’s Light / Darkness, wich wasn’t hinted at / mentioned again since Gildart’s appointment as Guild Master. Maybe some powerful Magic Item like Eclipse, wich allows time travel? Remains of Layla Heartfilias power where you too need the 12 Zodiac Keys? The portal wich Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy came through when they were children (the thing with being over 80 Years old at Fried’s runes). Dunno.

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Fairy Tail 352 | Fairy Tail 352 Spoiler – The Flames Voice

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 352. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 352 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 352 spoiler, fairy tail 352 raw, fairy tail 352 scans, fairy tail 352 English chapter and Summaries. it’s crazy but I think the flames have something to do with Igneel, I mean he’s hiding in the mountains, he’s the fire dragon king and Natsu heard him. Not to mention Wendy’s nervousness about the magic power and the flame suddenly disappearing. Gildartz meeting the dragon king on a mountain.
fairy tail 352 spoilers
Well, that was a pretty interesting chapter. It did feel a little bit rushed though. There were mysteries abound this week. We didn’t find out exactly what that bird thingy is…yet…I’m sure we will later on. And now on top of that, the Eternal Flame disappeared. Way to Gray, you’re doing a bang up job. But next week we get to learn about the flame’s voice. So that will shed a little light on what the Eternal Flame is, plus that’s probably the voice Natsu heard from underneath the ice. I get the feeling that it’s got to be Igneel. It’s a voice that Natsu would recognize and there’s some sort of magical presence that only Wendy can feel (being a Dragon Slayer she can probably recognize the difference between human magic and dragon magic – and Natsu wasn’t there with them at that moment so we didn’t actually see his reaction yet). Although, there is always that nagging voice in the back of head saying “it’s too obvious to be Igneel, it’s going to be something right out of left field”. I guess we’ll find out next week. I like that Natsu was so readily able to accept that Flare was not an enemy anymore. It really is the Fairy Tail spirit to forgive those who once were enemies and to welcome them as new comrades. At first when Flare explained that the mountain was the Eternal Flame, I thought that she meant it was volcano. I definitely didn’t see it coming that the mountain itself was a giant flame that was frozen. And it does make sense that if you melt the ice on a flame, that it would extinguish it. Perhaps the disappearance of the fire was that and nothing more, though I doubt it.

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Fairy Tail 348 | Fairy Tail 348 Spoiler – Return of the Demon

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 348. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 348 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 348 spoiler, fairy tail 348 raw, fairy tail 348 scans, fairy tail 348 English chapter and Summaries. I actually enjoyed the chapter. Not much plot development but it was still fun to read. First of all, I call bullshit on flare’s story. It makes no damn sense IMO. If the symbol on her chest was to begin with from the village of the sun then why exactly did she remove it in the first place to get the raven tail tatoo on? I guess there could be a story for that but there is no reason for her to not have been able to put the tatoo somewhere where it does not cover up the symbol of her home. Its not like the raven tail tatoo and village tattoo are for some reason mutually exclusive.
fairy tail 348 chapter
The tattoo barely looks like a sun at all and it seems to follow the same pattern raven tail and fairy tail had (critter with a tail or something). There might be some truth to her story (perhaps her hair is indeed connected to the eternal flame) but there has to be a bunch of it which is bull. There is something very particular which makes me think her story is bullshit other than the nonsense in it. If her tattoo was from the giant village, wouldn’t we have seen it already? None of the giants so far seem to wear the symbol nor was it seen at the village itself. I guess that if the eternal flame turns out to be a living creature then perhaps the shape of the tattoo would make sense though. As for the fights, I am kinda surprised the girls did win. Those guys managed to hold back natsu on their own, that is quite something. Gotta say, what made the chapter for me was the lucy kick. Its completely absurd that lucy would win a fight like that. Lucy has developed quite the physical capacity through the manga so perhaps it does make some degree of sense (she was able to maneuver on her own around the giant octopus a while back for instance).

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Fairy Tail 347 | Fairy Tail 347 Spoiler – A Red, Blue Hair, and a Blondie

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 347. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 347 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 347 spoiler, fairy tail 347 raw, fairy tail 347 scans, fairy tail 347 English chapter and Summaries. Erza vs Minerva rematch, once again Erza has a handicap, but I think Minerva might win, this is early in the arc, this is when Fairy Tail normall loses though in most cases it is other members of Fairy Tail, but that is Minerva only chance the early in the arc rule. Other wise Erza is going to kick her butt.
fairy tail 347 manga
And I admit what she is doing fighting Erza in that state is very low, but Erza is acting like she hasn’t resorted to something this low, last time they fought she used a hostage, I don’t think she has sunk that much lower than before, but that is just me, whatever you say Erza. Natsu using that old cartoon trick, freakin hillarous. That guy from Sccubus Eye he kind of looks familar, he looks like that big crying guy from Phantom. That would be cool if they brought back some of the past villains like people from Phantom and Gilmore Heart. And those Tressue Hunters, they might be powerful, but they are stupid. Those cat costume, it is decided, forget the compassion to the Jiggle Butt Gang, they sunk even lower, they are Team Rocket. And I was hoping Wendy was going to kick their butt and have that moment of awesomeness. And finally like so many people predicted Flare showed up in this arc, maybe this is like Juvia in the Tower Of Heaven arc, we will see, but unlike Juvia she is not a free agent, she joined a guild, don’t tell me Sccubus Eye? I can’t make out the guild mark too much, Lucy and Wendy didn’t recognise it, though Erza is familar with Sccubus Eye, but Erza does know more about what is going on in the outside than the others, but if she is with SE, I am thinking she joined them as a double agent to help Fairy Tail. Or maybe it is a different guild entirely, maybe she is associated with the magic council, who knows all I know right now she is on FT’s side for the moment and here comes redemption

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Read Fairy Tail Chapter 346 Raw – Natsu is in Trouble

Be cheerful, the long awaiting comes to an end for the latest Fairy Tail 346 is now out. Make it a habit to visit this site for we post the most recent and up to date scans. I loved Erza nightmares of what turning into a child would mean, Wendy calling her a little sister, Natsu and Gray finlly can beat him, and Jellal saying he is not into little girls. Doranbolt you have no shame, I would have added Warren to the scene and the announcer dude from the GMG, have all the loli lovers thtere.
fairy tail 346 raw
Oh Happy, suddenly Lucy is not the most useless character on the team, she is actully holding her own so far. I wonder who’s familar voice Natsu is hearing. Ignel, Ultear’s ghost, or Cobra perhaps. So it was Sccubus Eye than can turn people into children. I don’t know if I should be embressed or consider them weak in that they can only beat people as children. SE could be Raven Tail 2.0 in which they rely more on dirty tricks than power. I am hoping Hiro doesn’t over due it on the chibiness, by the end of this arc everyone except for Wendy will be turned into children, and Fairy Tail turns into a preschool manga. I don’t think that’s it him though. At about the end of the Tower of Heaven arc we do see Igneel talking to Grandine and he isn’t frozen, nor is the volcano he’s inside. But then again that was before the seven year time skip and we don’t know how long this village has been frozen. I guess it could be him (perhaps the mountain that Erza went up is a volcano and not a mountain). It would make sense that this village hasn’t been frozen over for too long, or else why would people only just now find out about it and start to try and steal the eternal flame. Anyway, Natsu’s also a child now. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how this story progresses. I miss having three chapters a week.

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