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bleach 613 chapter

bleach 613 manga

I think he is referencing the fact that while the world is being held together by the lynchpin (the soulking), the soulking chose not to consume any souls to keep his strength, which is why he reverts back to his blind, deaf and powerless self (remember juha bach? if he does not continuously consume souls he reverts to something powerless and inept, just like what we are currently experiencing with the soulking). Aizen wanted to change that. He wanted to become the soulking and do things differently. He probably WOULD have consumed souls in order to retain his strength. As it currently stands, the world (the human realm, hueco mundo and ss) is a place that is being held together by the lynchpin. The lynchpin is a being that can give out powers to everyone. If he consumes these souls which he has bestowed power upon, he becomes stronger. The current soulking chose not to consume any powers, which is why he reverted to something inept. Juha bach is the soulking´s son, which is why he is prone to the same mechanics. He can bestow power upon others and retake them to grow stronger. With this we finally realize what the hogyoku actually is. It is something that was built after the design of the soulking. If it does not feed upon souls it grows weak (remember when aizen fed countless souls to the hogyoku to make it grow stronger? He even went ahead and fed urahara´s hogyoku to it). It can bestow power upon others just like the soulking can, but it can also retake it (it gave aizen the power he desired, but in the end it took it all away from him). Now it makes sense why urahara asked aizen whether he saw the soulking aswell. Of course he saw him. The two people that saw him (aizen and urahara, both geniuses) immediately went ahead and tried to copy the soulking and created something based upon the mechanics of the soulking… the hogyoku. Urahara later figured out that changing the world wasnt what he wanted and he changed his mind about creating a “second” soulking, thus he tried to seal it away. Aizen figured, hell yes he wants to change the world and thus went ahead and merged with the hogyoku, therefore making him the “second” soulking. He started to look more and more like the soulking after each transformation.

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Bleach Manga 593 | Bleach 593 Raw

bleach manga fans, Are you searching for the latest bleach 593. bleach 593 Chapter and bleach Manga 593 will be out. bleach 593 is available soon keep on eye on narutostat for more info.

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bleach 593

To the point, quick and swift. The traits Hitsugaya cannot ever pull off if he wasn’t a zombie, in a turn of event I kind of like ZombieHitsu. Correct me if I’m wrong, before death? Nonetheless he’s a zombie now and that makes him dead regardless doesn’t it? Not going to count out him coming back alive since that’s Kubo’s favorite heavily fan based captain.

Despite all those damage he inflicted, call me crazy but Kubo won’t have the cojones to permanently kill them off. They are part of the chosen ones after all. I mean, doesn’t this seem familiar? We just need Grimmjow (the inevitable), Rangiku, Yammy and Ulquiorra then ta-da! Got ourselves a part II from the arrancar arc.
I too share the opinion that Zombigaya is as dead as it gets now. Even if he was alive when she turned him, the “Zombie” might have depraved him of all life once it lose it´s effect upon the death of Giselle…

So either way, he´s screwed and Mayuri has clearly showed that he won´t show mercy or compassion on Zombigaya with those last lines of his. He´s about to go in for the kill regardless if his so called “medicines” for some reason turns Zombigaya to a nightmarish monster or something… With a test subject doomed dead, he would have no reason to hold back on his mixtures now, right? Who knows? maybe Zombigaya gets transformed into a undead ice dragon by Mayuri by accident as a physical manifestation of his zanpakto? (Hey, this is Mayuri we´re talking about here… anything can happen and probably does…) Even if the example above is unlikely, it still doesn´t change the fact that Zombigaya is doomed and dead at the end of this fight.

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Bleach 592 Manga | Bleach 592 Spoiler

Orihime is on her way to bleach 592 the Royal Dimension and Mayuri have declared in this very chapter that he will “deal” with all of Giselle´s zombies after he shot down Ikkaku and Yumichika´s desire to save their former comrades from their state. In other words. He´s aware that “the Zombie” is irreversible at this point and the only thing that can save them is effectively killing them without any remorse so they don´t cause any more havoc than they already have. He could have cared less about saving Toshiro at this point, and even going out of the way to restrict him would be such a bother that he might not even try it. Instead he will try to kill him as soon as possible.

bleach 592 chapter

bleach 592 manga

Also, Zombiyaga here have the advantage when comparing zanpaktos Poison doesn´t work on the dead and he can always freeze that huge caterpillar if Mayuri pulls it out. So Mayuri have every reason to kill Zombiyaga here. Ice boy was dead even before he entered this battle as Zombiyaga. it´s just that he´s not buried yet. That´s the facts. And expect shocked faces on Yumichika and Ikkaku next chapter, along with a explanation from Giselle on what she did to him… If she declares in text that she killed him or he was dead when she got to him, then that´s enough proof of that Hitsuyaga is deader than dead and can´t be saved. Mayuri is not going to fight Hitsugaya directly. His Bankai is not suitable for the fight since they’re actual allies in the area. And it very clear he did not expect a captain to be a zombie, let alone Hitsugaya. They’re going to have a lot of problems facing him next chapter. Harribel is also a solid choice, but I don’t see it happening. We also have to consider the fact that Urahara is here. If Grimmjow has been with him this entire time, then it’s safe to assume Grimmjow arrived the same time Urahara and co did. Grimmjow has 0 connection to the other shinigami, but guess which Arrancar is in the area? Luppi, the one he killed personally. I may be overestimating Kubo, but I don’t see him passing up a potential conversation between the two, especially after the first few pages of this chapter. Only just got around to reading the chap. Oh my my. It was pretty meh up till that last page tho. Which left me speechless. Kubo hasn’t surprised me like this since Yama got slashed in half. And my reaction was the same as back then: eyes wide open, mouth wide open, spreading into an incredulous smile. Gotta say that Hitsugaya looks badass as hell. But I’m confused. Cause he also looks DEAD dead. Like Bambietta. Unless its a powerlevel thing. We assumed she looked so because she got killed first. But they are both Captain levels and look like that while the fodder look normal. I just refuse to believe him of all Captains was killed – and off-panel at that!!! Its simply inconceivable. Also why would he kill him when we know the blood would turn him into his slave anyways. Last we saw Hits he was very much alive, but helpless, and somebody (guess it was Giselle) showed up where he was. So he killed him? Yeah I’m not buying that. I think strong people look like actual zombies regardless of whether they die first or not, while fodder don’t change. Charlotte entertained as usual. He was FLAWLESS on the colour page. Like, y’all bitches AIN’T READY for me! And guess Bambietta wasn’t lol. I know people will bitch about her losing like that but 2 things: 1) Arrancar are super-effect against Quincy and 2) She used most of her reiatsu already. People don’t seem to get the second point through their head.

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Bleach 566 | Bleach 566 Spoiler

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 566. But as we knew, bleach manga 566 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 566 spoiler, bleach 566 raw, bleach 566 scans, bleach 566 English chapter and Summaries.

bleach 566 manga

bleach 566

Anyways, it all makes perfect sense with what we have been told so far as far as abilities go. Quincy have time and time hinted at juhabach’s power being kinda like this and now we also know the special significance of the letters. They are more than just a title, unlike espada numbers and captain squads, the letters themselves are a bond to jubabach. Its quite interesting. And now we finally know why exactly juhabach has been around for so long. He sucks the life out of all quincy and becomes stronger through them. Perhaps this also explains the kaiser gesang. the sealed king shall recover his heartbeat over 900 years, his intellect over 90 years, his power over 9 years, and the world in 9 days. Juhabach relies on quincy to survive and live longer. Perhaps the reason he was sealed and had to recover, according to the kaiser gesang at least, is that after the defeat of the quincy 1000 years ago there weren’t enough quincy around to sustain him. So he reverted to being a crippled. But a few quincy did remain and once their descendants were numerous enough juhabach was able to live again when their natural deaths were enough to sustain him. The nature of his powers also got me thinking about the war against the quincy 200 years ago. Naturally it would have been a war which benefit him in regards to keeping his life for longer. So perhaps the war itself was induced by juhabach somehow? War needs to go on for juhabach to live so perhaps 200 years ago his wandenreich, a distinct group from the quincy that remained in the human world, was already numerous enough to sustain him so instead it was planned for the quincy in the human world to become power. They were not needed for substenance itself so their souls were cashed in so to speak. Perhaps a few infiltrated the quincy in the human world to push them for the war or they secretly exacerbated the balance of souls issue and triggered the war.

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Bleach 565 | Bleach 565 Spoiler

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 565. But as we knew, bleach manga 565 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 565 spoiler, bleach 565 raw, bleach 565 scans, bleach 565 English chapter and Summaries.

bleach 565 manga

bleach 565

Well, mask certainly is even dumber than he looks. He is supposed to have intel on the shinigami, wouldn’t he know that bankai disappear when a shinigami dies or when he is dying? Instead we get that he apparently thought renji’s bankai remained after renji died… Well, I guess his remarkably short attention spam has been a bit of a plot point with him for a while now Anyways, I was quite surprised about that guy being the one that named stuff. Its a bit of a weird role. I wonder what his contribution to SS actually was, naming stuff seems a bit arbitrary. Is that a role given to him by the soul king, naming stuff? Or did he make a contribution to SS and was later given that role…. I guess this chapter does kinda address the issue of where zampakuto names come from. Zampakuto necessarily come after the shinigami so it was weird that they would have their own names if the shinigami did not give it to them. It seems like a completely arbitrary job but this does explain how every zampakuto has its own name almost adequately. Anyways, what I am wondering about is old man zangetsu right now. He wasn’t given his own name in the past before and right now it kinda seems like ichigo just decided his name was also zangetsu. I wonder if the royal had anything to say about that. I think old man zangetsu does deserve a name of his own to be honest. It would be interesting if both actually received new names to suit the fact that they are within a zampakuto now. Seeing that this particular royal does seem to preceed zampakuto too I can’t help but wonder just what he uses to fight. I kinda expect him to have some sort of primitive pre zampakuto thing going on although that would be weird. Perhaps he did eventually get his own zampakuto. Although it would be kinda weird to imagine him training with a zampakuto if he gets to name it.

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Bleach 552 | Bleach 552 Spoiler – The Plan That Urahara Has For The Captains

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 552. But as we knew, bleach manga 552 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 552 spoiler, bleach 552 raw, bleach 552 scans, bleach 552 English chapter and Summaries.Nanao being able to hold of the quincy was a nice development for her. Its a pity kido is not necessarily a particularly easy skill to acquire, specially for those who are not quite innately good at it. I don’t think that kido would have made that huge a difference though.
bleach 552 spoilers
At least shunsui has a bit of time until he has to fight. As for the suifen bit, I don’t think she has been defeated. Suifeng has it in her to hide her reiatsu even beyond what BG9 and other quincy are able to perceive apparently so right now conditions are ideal for her to just hide and prepare an assassination. If she is having this much trouble to begin with its unlikely she can win though. The bit with hitsugaya was not bad. Hitsugaya was not defeated by the first blow however it seems he really is in a helpless position. I wonder how exactly is it that the fire is getting past the vacuum though. It shouldn’t, it goes against what a vacuum is and how it interacts with fire. Perhaps the thing is that bazzb really does not command fire but rather actual heat. Heat should be able to travel through a vacuum. So the issue is not that bazzb has fire capable of going through a vacuum but rather that fire is merely an application of his ability to control heat. So hitsugaya really got the short end of the stick here, he fought a guy who could perfectly counter the ability he developed to fight without his bankai. I never expected the column of fire that we saw when yamamoto attack the stern riter to have been caused by bazzb. I guess it was a little weird that we had seen yamamoto’s shikai before and we never saw such a column. Things only get more interesting from this point. I honestly thought urahara wouldn’t be able to figure out the badge thing until the shinigami had actually regrouped for a counter attack. Hopefully it won’t be something absurd like they have to pierce the medal with their zampakuto or something though. I guess something like that would make the most sense. I mean, the badge appears to steal zampakuto spirits from zampakuto so such a thing would make sense. Of course that would not really prevent the bankai from being stolen again and realistically the only one that could take back bankai would be suifeng due to her speed.

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Bleach 551 | Bleach 551 Spoiler – Flame of Despair

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 551. But as we knew, bleach manga 551 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 551 spoiler, bleach 551 raw, bleach 551 scans, bleach 551 English chapter and Summaries. Now I am curious about nak’s ability. It seems he has a tricky sort of ability going on for him which should make for an interesting fight. Nak spoke about patterns and mayuri spoke about territory. I guess nak’s ability is to combine something to create different effects so to speak. Considering the conversation its entirely plausible the entire area is already affected by his ability.
bleach 551 spoilers
He was there first after all and he knew the battle was coming, it would be stupid for him to not be ready. As for soifon, well, that was quick. She is definitely not out yet, though. Its a shame she took the attack without her shunko being activated. I guess it is completely possible she activated it in the nick of time and was able to counter. Thinking about it yoruichi had a technique where she countered her enemy’s attack with an equal amount of reiatsu. I think soifon will do the same. Now the question is just how exactly soifon plans on winning the battle here. Evidently shunko alone has not been quite enough yet and she still has to deal with a volstandig and her bankai in a worst case scenario. Perhaps she has not yet used her full power with shunko? It also seems like GB9 has the ability to create weapons with his cyborg body. I mean, he obviously was not concealing a minigun under his cloak, he made it. I am thinking “K” stands for “the knowledge”. BG9 keeps talking about data and his apparent upperhand on soifon right now is due to his data on her apparently. If BG9 is the knowledge and a cyborg quincy I think he will simply be a tool made by the actual quincy with the letter K. I think there is someone else behind all of this and he is quietly watching BG9 from the shadows. I really expect BG9 to be defeated or maimed enough for there to be a BG0 in the future. Well, not that an interesting chapter. Juhabach expecting the shinigami to develop alternate ways of combat when fighting is weird IMO. It kinda downplays the importance of the badges to some extent. Although perhaps it makes for an interesting setup for future battles. If juhabach acted the way he did it is because he expected to win against the captains with said alternatives to bankai. On the whole it means juhabach has a very clear expectation that his stern riter can defeat the captains even if they actually have bankai. Perhaps the medals being countered is a foreseen scenario in the short run too. With urahara and mayuri it makes sense.

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Bleach 550 | Bleach 550 Spoiler – The Sternritter Start Their Counterattack!

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 550. But as we knew, bleach manga 550 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 550 spoiler, bleach 550 raw, bleach 550 scans, bleach 550 English chapter and Summaries. Saw that ending coming the second those Shinigami were cheering about winning. Well, actually I saw it coming last week. I wonder if soifon is being made after the whole “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. It fits her abilities perfectly to a great degree. Her shunko basically maximizes her speed/power combination and enhances her hand to hand combat.
bleach 550 spoilers
Her shikai and bankai are basically stings which deal death. Then again soifon has not much to do with ali and the interpretration has to be too literal. Then again it would be fun if the manga actually referenced this. Seeing the chapter I wonder if soifon actually surpassed yoruichi in terms of shunko. Last time yoruichi was seen she only used it in a very limited fashion and she did say it was tough even on her. In turn soifon seems capable of maintaining it indefinitely. Anyways, I guess the next chapter might finally give details as to how quincy can heal in the middle of a battle. Quilge did it when he healed the hole urahara made on him and bazzb necessarily has to do it considering hitsugaya almost cut him in half just now. That was cool, better than the last chapter. Nice to see Sui Feng actually backing up her trash talk, I think about the only time she’s done that was against some Fraccion. That Shunko stuff was cool, but I still wonder if her Shikai isn’t actually her best weapon? Seems it would be more effective than even her Bankai if she used it in conjunction with Shunko. Not that I have any doubt about the Captains losing this round. BG9’s a freak then, lol. Could it stand for ‘Battle Gear 9’? He/it seems to be some kind of homunculus or something like that. I’d guess it was once a normal Quincy who started replacing his own body with stuff made from reishi. *Obi Wan voice* He’s more machine than man now, his mind twisted and evil. Anyway, not sure what “K” could stand for. I guess we’ll see BG9 and Bazz-B turn the tables and then we’ll switch to someone else’s fight. I want to see what’s going down between Mayuri and Askin, and Shunsui and Haschwalth. But as I said, I predict this round will go to team Wandenreich. They can’t kill them though, you know, in plot terms. So maybe just when they’re about to Zero Division will step in.

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