One Piece 775 Chapter | One Piece 775 Spoiler

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Oda continues to give another blow for women empowerment, way to go, Robin going to fight please, just be a bodyguard for Rebecca while the men folk fight, and than we find out the little princess great power is the power of tears, way to go Oda, girl power girl power. Seriously Mashima and his fan service ways is more of a positive towards women than Oda. Anyway as soon as I saw the chapter title I knew this chapter wasn’t going to be great. I say this the princess she shows why she is the princess of these people and why she rules over them, she is a lot smarter than the rest of her clan. She wasn’t a 100 percent sucker for people lying. If so she would be welling healing the executives with a smile of face saying “I am helping the good guys”. I was worried though they were all going to be healed, and we have to start all over again and this arc would never end. Thank god that didn’t happen, let’s get these footer enemies out of the way and stay out of the way, and we can focus on the good stuff. Well if Robin isn’t going to Diamante and just be a bodyguard for Rebecca, then it looks like she won’t be fighting Trebol. So who’s going to fight Trebol if that’s the case? I had a feeling Robin wasn’t going to fight Diamante because she’s no match for him. Oda established early on that Robin cannot fight against a major enemy solo, she’s just not strong enough, and even with the time-skip, apparently she still isn’t otherwise I don’t see why Oda wouldn’t have given her this grand opportunity, especially since Nami, who can fight against major enemies solo, isn’t here.

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Bleach 613 Chapter | Bleach 613 Spoiler

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I think he is referencing the fact that while the world is being held together by the lynchpin (the soulking), the soulking chose not to consume any souls to keep his strength, which is why he reverts back to his blind, deaf and powerless self (remember juha bach? if he does not continuously consume souls he reverts to something powerless and inept, just like what we are currently experiencing with the soulking). Aizen wanted to change that. He wanted to become the soulking and do things differently. He probably WOULD have consumed souls in order to retain his strength. As it currently stands, the world (the human realm, hueco mundo and ss) is a place that is being held together by the lynchpin. The lynchpin is a being that can give out powers to everyone. If he consumes these souls which he has bestowed power upon, he becomes stronger. The current soulking chose not to consume any powers, which is why he reverted to something inept. Juha bach is the soulking´s son, which is why he is prone to the same mechanics. He can bestow power upon others and retake them to grow stronger. With this we finally realize what the hogyoku actually is. It is something that was built after the design of the soulking. If it does not feed upon souls it grows weak (remember when aizen fed countless souls to the hogyoku to make it grow stronger? He even went ahead and fed urahara´s hogyoku to it). It can bestow power upon others just like the soulking can, but it can also retake it (it gave aizen the power he desired, but in the end it took it all away from him). Now it makes sense why urahara asked aizen whether he saw the soulking aswell. Of course he saw him. The two people that saw him (aizen and urahara, both geniuses) immediately went ahead and tried to copy the soulking and created something based upon the mechanics of the soulking… the hogyoku. Urahara later figured out that changing the world wasnt what he wanted and he changed his mind about creating a “second” soulking, thus he tried to seal it away. Aizen figured, hell yes he wants to change the world and thus went ahead and merged with the hogyoku, therefore making him the “second” soulking. He started to look more and more like the soulking after each transformation.

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Naruto 699 Manga – Closing The Infinite Tyukunome

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reading the fight in one sitting was great. And it ended pretty much how I expected it to. Obviously Sasuke wasn’t gonna win, thought I was actually expecting one of them to die and get revived by the other afterward. The losing of the limbs was touching, but kind of meaningless when we outright know both of them have ways of regenerating them back. I’m also unclear on why that actually happen. Neither of their techniques should have caused any physical blow-back to do that kind of damage, in fact the only technique that has been shown capable of that was the FRS, which I thought was also suppose to be the counterpoint to Sasuke’s Enton and thus the obvious choice to combat it. Anyway, the fight was better then I expected, though it still had it’s flaws. There seem to have been a lack of genjutsu usage, and very little of the Rinnegan in the actual fight. Also not sure how throwing around techniques that are basically “instant kills” if not dodged or blocked is fighting without the intent to kill. Nagato could use multiple Path jutsu at a time. Remember he was ripping Naruto’s soul out with Human Realm, and while holding on to it he summoned out Hell Realm’s demon thing to grab hold of the soul… and immediately after that while both jutsu were taking place, he created some of Asura Realm’s robotic arms to catch Killerbee. He was more experienced than Sasuke obviously, but Sasuke’s a prodigy, and was gradually becoming more proficient with the Rinnegan over time. If he spent about 2 chapters just absorbing jutsu after jutsu, he’d get the knack. As for using taijutsu immediately after Sasuke absorbed a ninjutsu, Naruto would have to hit him within the time it takes for him to finish absorbing. He’d also have to make sure Sasuke can’t simply counter attack with his own taijutsu. Sharingan makes countering taijutsu a non-issue. Of course, there’s always Susanoo. It can be activated in 1/1000th of a second, so pulling out a Susanoo the exact moment he’s finished absorbing the jutsu is legit.It seems that both of you are missing a big clue to the fight. Sasuke stated that he could not absorb and attack at the same time. Earlier in the fight Sasuke also stated that Naruto could not defeat him by just defending against Sasuke’s attacks. Naruto was never going to get close enough to Sasuke to let Sasuke absorb Naruto’s chakra because he wasn’t going to attack Sasuke. With Pain, all Naruto thought about was attacking and therefore he was vulnerable to having his chakra ripped from him.

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Naruto 698 Prediction – Naruto and Sasuke Finale

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Sasuke with the chakra of all the bijuu on top of his own chakra, on top of Hagoromo’s YIn chakra, being stronger than Naruto, makes no sense? It made sense with Kaguya. Why not Sasuke? It’s not like it was that much more (though it did require all the natural energy on the surface of the plane for Naruto to stand up to Sasuke’s newly amassed strength. We’ve already established that Sasuke can manipulate natural energy from an outside source in Juugo. If Juugo’s chakra radiating from his body can allow Sasuke to give his Susanoo Curse Seal, I don’t see Sasuke being incapable of manipulating natural energy radiating from Naruto. It doesn’t seem long, but that’s why I’m padding in time skips during the taijutsu battle to make it make more sense. They couldn’t possibly have run out of chakra in 5 minutes anyway unless we’re going to assume they finally felt fatigue from the war which I don’t accept. Both Naruto and Sasuke have had their chakras restored over and over again via Bijuu, Hagoromo, Sakura, and Kabuto’s aid throughout this war. Being physically tired is acceptable, but being chakra deprived isn’t. The seal released natural energy into his body. Natural energy isn’t the same as sage chakra. Remember that senjutsu is sage chakra, the combined natural energy and chakra balanced by the user. If it was sage chakra, Juugo’d be a sage. Also, Sasuke no longer had a curse seal so the manipulation of the natural energy wasn’t automatic anymore. Orochimaru even says Juugo over time absorbs natural energy um… naturally. And it results in the curse seal. When there’s too much, it forces him to go crazy. But it’s not controlled or manipulated or formed in any way. It’s simply pure natural energy. Juugo did nothing but sit around and wait for Sasuke to adapt to his chakra, obviously something Sasuke attempted before since he came to the fight knowing he could do it.

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Naruto 698 Manga – Naruto Sasuke Sakura

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People keep confusing sage chakra for natural energy. If sasuke absorbs naruto´s sage chakra, absolutely nothing will happen to him, he will not turn to stone. Pain absorbed jiraiya´s sage chakra attacks (the senpou oodama rasengan and also the senpou goemon) without turning to stone. Pain absorbed naruto´s sage chakra rasen shurikens and he did not turn to stone either. Madara absorbed hashirama´s sage chakra, and he also did not turn to stone. Natural energy and sage chakra are two entirely different things. The whole point of sage chakra was the balance of the three energy types: Physical energy, spiritual energy and natural energy. If you balance them perfectly (33% of each type), you get sage chakra. If you take in too much natural energy (more than 33%), you get an imbalanced mixture which turns you into a frog. The way naruto turned hungry ghost realm into stone is pretty simple. In that moment, naruto deliberately gathered natural energy without balancing it out with his spiritual/physical energy, thus overflowing hungry ghost realm with natural energy until it surpassed 33% of his spiritual/physical energy values, thus turning him into stone. Absorbing sage chakra will not turn you into stone because it is already perfectly balanced chakra, otherwise naruto would also turn into stone just by using it. Sasuke at this point has half of his body made from Juugo and Kabuto, both use natural chakara. Kabuto, in fact, is also a Sage mode user. And Sasuke.actually used natural chakara from Juugo’s cursed seal to hit 10 tail mode Obito. So he had no problem handle that Natural chakara. This is explained by Orochimaru saying that because Sasuke’s gene was similar to Juugo’s, who is born to be able to use natural chakara. So if Kurama managed to gather some more sage jutsu it could be used as an offense taijutsu, defense taijustu, countering the rinnegan, and predicting incomming moves, as well as sage blows (when there is no physical contact needed).

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Naruto 689 Prediction – Kakashi’s New Power

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SASUKE : How could he use susano ?
NARUTO : No time to wonder about that we need to defeat that monster
Sasuke and kakashi spot a chakra figure with sharingan + rinnegan eye
SASUKE : That must be the
NARUTO : True form
KAKASHI : I will erase It
kakashi concentrate on that chakra form with rinnegan+sharingan. The vortex motion appear around it .
NARUTO : Ha ! there
SASUKE : [ kakashi is already on action ?]
suddenly the monster figure disappear
SAKURA : Sensei you done that don’t you ?
KAKASHI : No I missed it
KAKASHI : [ The use of susano alone put a toll of on me ]
The whole chakra figure disappear
BLACK ZETSU : Mother has finally done it
Sasuke Look at black zetsu
SASUKE : Tell me every thing about Kaguya
BLACK ZETSU : I am not going to Obey you
SASUKE : well that’s good because I m not asking
(Sasuke activate his EMS genjutsu technique on Black zetsu )
( Sasuke start reading blackzetsu’s information )
SASUKE : This is…
(From kaguya’s mouth a chakra snake comes out )
KAGUYA : All the chakra are mine
The snake start to approach team seven
BLACK ZETSU : Mother help me …
The chakra snake come in contact with black zets’s body
Sasuke and Naruto jump in to the sky
The black zetsu is completely absorbed by chakra snake
NARUTO : Can’t touch that
Suddenly a second chakra snake comes behind them
SASUKE : Another one !
Naruto close the eyes
The chakra snake comes so close to Sasuke and Naruto that it feel like it’s end of them
NARUTO : Aaaha!
Sasuke tap on Naruto’s shoulder
NARUTO : Huh !
KAKASHI : ( Pant , Pant ) I made it in time
SASUKE : kakashi you are able to use sharingan
KAKASHI : Yea thanks to obito
SAKURA : Right now we can go to our world ..right kakashi sensei?
SASUKE : We can’t do that …Kaguya need mine and naruto’s chakra If we go in to our world she will follow there to It will be completely mess Right Now I know the secret of Kaguya
NARUTO : Secret ?
SASUKE : Naruto I am sure you can talk with tailed beasts don’t you ?
Naruto : You have a plan ?
SASUKE : Yea Kind of
After a few minutes a vortex motion is appear on on Kaguya’s dimension . From the vortex Sasuke and Naruto appears along with kakashi and Sakura
Kaguya seems controlling the bests inside of her well…

NARUTO : Guys let’s do our best
Kurama,Gyuuki, chomei ,Saikon,Kokuo,Son goku, Isobu, Matatabi and Shukaku : Yeaaaa!
Naruto create a gigantic biju dama..Instead of black color It’s in white color and it’s radiating the chakra and some kind of sound
From kaguya’s mouth nine chakra snakes come out an they are all after team seven
Naruto throw gigantic biju dama …The biju dma reach the nine chakra snakes in blink of an eye It hits the them
Suddenly Naruto reach in a white dimension and there exist all of the nine tailed beasts in chakra figure
KURAMA : Naruto !
GYUUKI: Naruto : How did you come inside in this dimension
NARUTO : That biju dama have a lot of sound included’s not only chakra. The sound iside the biju dama is the key to reach you. With that I can call you and contact you the moment it hits you. It was Sasuke’ s idea so don’t expect me to explain that complicated stuff.

A VOICE : It’s look like your path was correct Naruto..Unlike mine
NARUTO :That voice
A man comes from shadow to talk with Naruto

Naruto Manga 689 | Naruto 689 Raw

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naruto 689

The way Obito and Rin interacted with each other was really nice and warm. I could imagine how the trio were like during their early ninja days. Rin was such a gentle girl, no wonder Obito felt for her. Any guy would have taken notice of a cute girl like Rin especially having spent so much time together.

It seemed like Kakashi having Obito’s Sharingan eye might have some effects on him previously, like some kind of harmonisation. For him to get it for both eyes would probably be the bestest of gift from his good friend. Though Obito said that the eyes “might expire” but it could be that the effects of Obito’s current “administered” power was temporal and not the eyes or the eyes’ power that would fade away (after Obito’s spirit was gone) in which he was referring to. In other words, Kakashi’s eyes would still be able to function properly like ordinary eyes and he could “activate” them, either one eye or both eyes, when needed. It was quite interesting to see Kakashi had a spam of Susanoo as he clung firmly to his titles – Copy Ninja Kakashi and Kakashi of the Sharingan, as well as his friend’s will.

I have always thought that Kakashi was a good candidate for being a Hokage and Obito (since last chapter) had already told him that he would be useful in the future and that was why he was willing to sacrifice himself for his friend’s survival. On the other side, Naruto seemed like having a lot of fun with Kaguya, together with all the tailed-beasts. Poor Black Zetsu was crying for mummy. His mouth turned downwards. Naruto and the nine bijū seemed to be taking up the mother-and-son’s limelight. Don’t know how long the both of them could sustain. But with Kakashi coming back to the scene, Kaguya and Black Zetsu would have one more opponent to fight with. I think the next time we see them, it would be “students-and-sensei” vs “mother-and-son”.

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One Piece Manga 757 | One Piece 757 Raw

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one piece 757

Another problem kyros and rebecca isnt at the same power lvl if they both unite themselves to beat diamante it will ruin kyros bad-ass character putting him in the same power as rebecca and that unfair for a badass strong character like the legendary kyros since we will compare them as equals where kyros is certently more powerful even with 1 leg if rebecca beats diamante herself it will ruin diamante character making look like a weakling and it will make rebecca looking like a very powerful character were she isnt. Rebecca shouldnt be in the lvl of an executive it will be a huge turn off because we expect more things from diamante i hope oda wont ruin the balance. Kyros must be the guy who beats diamante he lost 10 years of his life his daughter couldnt remember him his wife died he lost more than rebecca who lost just a mother. I hope oda wont destroy the balance with unfitting stuff.

I’m not bothered by the idea of Rebecca beating Diamante on her own as long as it is written well. Oda lets characters beat “stronger” opponents somewhat frequently. Sometimes it’s through sheer force of will, other times it’s from strategy or insight, and other times pure luck. If Rebecca wins through pure skill or by will power, then I won’t be happy – Diamante is too high class of a fighter for that. But if she wins by figuring out his DF weakness or “wins” by circumstance (like Luffy “winning” against Kuzan by letting his crew escape) then I could accept that.

Rebecca Vs. Diamante:That moment omg i will never forget, just awesome. imagine that in anime i’d die. the poor little 15 years old girl Rebecca against the killer of her mother. very touching, good match-up Oda!
I don’t believe that she has NO chance like everyone states here, but I also do believe that she receives help from Kyros when they’re finished with the toy mummies soldiers what ever. Robin & Barto Vs. Gladius: Finally some shining moment for the lovely Robin-swaaan. Hopefuly the fight isn’t off-panel…! Sugar’s awake: hahahahah so funny that she now hates everyone with long nose or long things just becasue of usopp. she’s now very angry and her DF seems to be stronger when she’s angry, they’re zombies now.

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