One Piece 775 Chapter | One Piece 775 Spoiler

We are pleasured to post the latest one piece manga 775, however, the scanlation is not yet released, but be certain to visit our site regularly because we would definitely post it the moment it is out for the public.

one piece 775 chapter

one piece 775 manga

Oda continues to give another blow for women empowerment, way to go, Robin going to fight please, just be a bodyguard for Rebecca while the men folk fight, and than we find out the little princess great power is the power of tears, way to go Oda, girl power girl power. Seriously Mashima and his fan service ways is more of a positive towards women than Oda. Anyway as soon as I saw the chapter title I knew this chapter wasn’t going to be great. I say this the princess she shows why she is the princess of these people and why she rules over them, she is a lot smarter than the rest of her clan. She wasn’t a 100 percent sucker for people lying. If so she would be welling healing the executives with a smile of face saying “I am helping the good guys”. I was worried though they were all going to be healed, and we have to start all over again and this arc would never end. Thank god that didn’t happen, let’s get these footer enemies out of the way and stay out of the way, and we can focus on the good stuff. Well if Robin isn’t going to Diamante and just be a bodyguard for Rebecca, then it looks like she won’t be fighting Trebol. So who’s going to fight Trebol if that’s the case? I had a feeling Robin wasn’t going to fight Diamante because she’s no match for him. Oda established early on that Robin cannot fight against a major enemy solo, she’s just not strong enough, and even with the time-skip, apparently she still isn’t otherwise I don’t see why Oda wouldn’t have given her this grand opportunity, especially since Nami, who can fight against major enemies solo, isn’t here.

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