Bleach 613 Chapter | Bleach 613 Spoiler

We are pleasured to post the latest bleach manga 613, however, the scanlation is not yet released, but be certain to visit our site regularly because we would definitely post it the moment it is out for the public.

bleach 613 chapter

bleach 613 manga

I think he is referencing the fact that while the world is being held together by the lynchpin (the soulking), the soulking chose not to consume any souls to keep his strength, which is why he reverts back to his blind, deaf and powerless self (remember juha bach? if he does not continuously consume souls he reverts to something powerless and inept, just like what we are currently experiencing with the soulking). Aizen wanted to change that. He wanted to become the soulking and do things differently. He probably WOULD have consumed souls in order to retain his strength. As it currently stands, the world (the human realm, hueco mundo and ss) is a place that is being held together by the lynchpin. The lynchpin is a being that can give out powers to everyone. If he consumes these souls which he has bestowed power upon, he becomes stronger. The current soulking chose not to consume any powers, which is why he reverted to something inept. Juha bach is the soulking´s son, which is why he is prone to the same mechanics. He can bestow power upon others and retake them to grow stronger. With this we finally realize what the hogyoku actually is. It is something that was built after the design of the soulking. If it does not feed upon souls it grows weak (remember when aizen fed countless souls to the hogyoku to make it grow stronger? He even went ahead and fed urahara´s hogyoku to it). It can bestow power upon others just like the soulking can, but it can also retake it (it gave aizen the power he desired, but in the end it took it all away from him). Now it makes sense why urahara asked aizen whether he saw the soulking aswell. Of course he saw him. The two people that saw him (aizen and urahara, both geniuses) immediately went ahead and tried to copy the soulking and created something based upon the mechanics of the soulking… the hogyoku. Urahara later figured out that changing the world wasnt what he wanted and he changed his mind about creating a “second” soulking, thus he tried to seal it away. Aizen figured, hell yes he wants to change the world and thus went ahead and merged with the hogyoku, therefore making him the “second” soulking. He started to look more and more like the soulking after each transformation.

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