Naruto 699 Manga – Closing The Infinite Tyukunome

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naruto 699 chapter

naruto 699 manga

reading the fight in one sitting was great. And it ended pretty much how I expected it to. Obviously Sasuke wasn’t gonna win, thought I was actually expecting one of them to die and get revived by the other afterward. The losing of the limbs was touching, but kind of meaningless when we outright know both of them have ways of regenerating them back. I’m also unclear on why that actually happen. Neither of their techniques should have caused any physical blow-back to do that kind of damage, in fact the only technique that has been shown capable of that was the FRS, which I thought was also suppose to be the counterpoint to Sasuke’s Enton and thus the obvious choice to combat it. Anyway, the fight was better then I expected, though it still had it’s flaws. There seem to have been a lack of genjutsu usage, and very little of the Rinnegan in the actual fight. Also not sure how throwing around techniques that are basically “instant kills” if not dodged or blocked is fighting without the intent to kill. Nagato could use multiple Path jutsu at a time. Remember he was ripping Naruto’s soul out with Human Realm, and while holding on to it he summoned out Hell Realm’s demon thing to grab hold of the soul… and immediately after that while both jutsu were taking place, he created some of Asura Realm’s robotic arms to catch Killerbee. He was more experienced than Sasuke obviously, but Sasuke’s a prodigy, and was gradually becoming more proficient with the Rinnegan over time. If he spent about 2 chapters just absorbing jutsu after jutsu, he’d get the knack. As for using taijutsu immediately after Sasuke absorbed a ninjutsu, Naruto would have to hit him within the time it takes for him to finish absorbing. He’d also have to make sure Sasuke can’t simply counter attack with his own taijutsu. Sharingan makes countering taijutsu a non-issue. Of course, there’s always Susanoo. It can be activated in 1/1000th of a second, so pulling out a Susanoo the exact moment he’s finished absorbing the jutsu is legit.It seems that both of you are missing a big clue to the fight. Sasuke stated that he could not absorb and attack at the same time. Earlier in the fight Sasuke also stated that Naruto could not defeat him by just defending against Sasuke’s attacks. Naruto was never going to get close enough to Sasuke to let Sasuke absorb Naruto’s chakra because he wasn’t going to attack Sasuke. With Pain, all Naruto thought about was attacking and therefore he was vulnerable to having his chakra ripped from him.

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