Naruto 698 Manga – Naruto Sasuke Sakura

Are you looking for the upcoming naruto 698 Manga. Then you are at the right place because naruto 698 chapter is now available online read the latest happening on naruto manga 698.

naruto 698 chapter

naruto 698 manga

People keep confusing sage chakra for natural energy. If sasuke absorbs naruto´s sage chakra, absolutely nothing will happen to him, he will not turn to stone. Pain absorbed jiraiya´s sage chakra attacks (the senpou oodama rasengan and also the senpou goemon) without turning to stone. Pain absorbed naruto´s sage chakra rasen shurikens and he did not turn to stone either. Madara absorbed hashirama´s sage chakra, and he also did not turn to stone. Natural energy and sage chakra are two entirely different things. The whole point of sage chakra was the balance of the three energy types: Physical energy, spiritual energy and natural energy. If you balance them perfectly (33% of each type), you get sage chakra. If you take in too much natural energy (more than 33%), you get an imbalanced mixture which turns you into a frog. The way naruto turned hungry ghost realm into stone is pretty simple. In that moment, naruto deliberately gathered natural energy without balancing it out with his spiritual/physical energy, thus overflowing hungry ghost realm with natural energy until it surpassed 33% of his spiritual/physical energy values, thus turning him into stone. Absorbing sage chakra will not turn you into stone because it is already perfectly balanced chakra, otherwise naruto would also turn into stone just by using it. Sasuke at this point has half of his body made from Juugo and Kabuto, both use natural chakara. Kabuto, in fact, is also a Sage mode user. And Sasuke.actually used natural chakara from Juugo’s cursed seal to hit 10 tail mode Obito. So he had no problem handle that Natural chakara. This is explained by Orochimaru saying that because Sasuke’s gene was similar to Juugo’s, who is born to be able to use natural chakara. So if Kurama managed to gather some more sage jutsu it could be used as an offense taijutsu, defense taijustu, countering the rinnegan, and predicting incomming moves, as well as sage blows (when there is no physical contact needed).

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