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One Piece manga fans, Are you searching for the latest one piece 757. one piece 757 Chapter and one piece Manga 757 will be out. one piece 757 is available soon keep on eye on narutostat for more info.

one piece 757 spoiler

one piece 757

Another problem kyros and rebecca isnt at the same power lvl if they both unite themselves to beat diamante it will ruin kyros bad-ass character putting him in the same power as rebecca and that unfair for a badass strong character like the legendary kyros since we will compare them as equals where kyros is certently more powerful even with 1 leg if rebecca beats diamante herself it will ruin diamante character making look like a weakling and it will make rebecca looking like a very powerful character were she isnt. Rebecca shouldnt be in the lvl of an executive it will be a huge turn off because we expect more things from diamante i hope oda wont ruin the balance. Kyros must be the guy who beats diamante he lost 10 years of his life his daughter couldnt remember him his wife died he lost more than rebecca who lost just a mother. I hope oda wont destroy the balance with unfitting stuff.

I’m not bothered by the idea of Rebecca beating Diamante on her own as long as it is written well. Oda lets characters beat “stronger” opponents somewhat frequently. Sometimes it’s through sheer force of will, other times it’s from strategy or insight, and other times pure luck. If Rebecca wins through pure skill or by will power, then I won’t be happy – Diamante is too high class of a fighter for that. But if she wins by figuring out his DF weakness or “wins” by circumstance (like Luffy “winning” against Kuzan by letting his crew escape) then I could accept that.

Rebecca Vs. Diamante:That moment omg i will never forget, just awesome. imagine that in anime i’d die. the poor little 15 years old girl Rebecca against the killer of her mother. very touching, good match-up Oda!
I don’t believe that she has NO chance like everyone states here, but I also do believe that she receives help from Kyros when they’re finished with the toy mummies soldiers what ever. Robin & Barto Vs. Gladius: Finally some shining moment for the lovely Robin-swaaan. Hopefuly the fight isn’t off-panel…! Sugar’s awake: hahahahah so funny that she now hates everyone with long nose or long things just becasue of usopp. she’s now very angry and her DF seems to be stronger when she’s angry, they’re zombies now.

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