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Are you looking for the upcoming one piece 757 Manga. Then you are at the right place because one piece 757 chapter is now available online read the latest happening on one piece manga 757.

one piece 757 scans page 15
I’ve a crazy theory/prediction for Mansherry’s powers. She has the ability to create (recreate) any DF!!
Tontatta can plant any fruit, Doflamingo used them to create SMILE, so what about their princess’s powers ?
She actually might be the main reason for Doflamingo to return to Dressrosa. If what I remember is right, Trebol is the one that gave Doflamingo the Mera Mera no Mi, so where did he find it ? If my prediction is right then he brought it from Mansherry. That’s why Doflamingo is keeping her alive, that also explains why he keeps her in a place like this where King Riku punished his daughters, because her powers aren’t offensive and they don’t help her to escape. Maybe DD didn’t have his DF until he met Mansherry, same with Sugar!

That’s why their powers fit perfectly for his plans, and she also might be his backup plan if anything major happens to him. but there’s two points that still don’t make any sense 1-How would she be useful for King Riku in the current situation ? 2-Why didn’t DD create an Army of DF users ? Why did I think of something this crazy ? because Riku stated that she is very useful to both sides, which means DD captured her according to his plans, but we still didn’t see anything strange DD is using to move his plans, the only thing I might think off is him getting Ace’s DF out of nowhere.

Dat Kanjuro – That guy is awesome! There was definitely some progress in this chapter which I liked. The Luffy group is on its way to reach level 4 with no further delay. Kyros will support Rebecca or step in for her and Law will probably get his handcuffs off finally. Robin getting involved in a proper fight against Gladius is a nice one. At that with chicken head Barto, I like that combo. Mansherry’s location is found out as well. The last double page with Rebecca and Diamante on the flower field looked fantastic. It feels as if Oda made up this flower field just for this panel. Great job.

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