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naruto 689 chapter

naruto 689 manga

The way Obito and Rin interacted with each other was really nice and warm. I could imagine how the trio were like during their early ninja days. Rin was such a gentle girl, no wonder Obito felt for her. Any guy would have taken notice of a cute girl like Rin especially having spent so much time together.

It seemed like Kakashi having Obito’s Sharingan eye might have some effects on him previously, like some kind of harmonisation. For him to get it for both eyes would probably be the bestest of gift from his good friend. Though Obito said that the eyes “might expire” but it could be that the effects of Obito’s current “administered” power was temporal and not the eyes or the eyes’ power that would fade away (after Obito’s spirit was gone) in which he was referring to. In other words, Kakashi’s eyes would still be able to function properly like ordinary eyes and he could “activate” them, either one eye or both eyes, when needed.

It was quite interesting to see Kakashi had a spam of Susanoo as he clung firmly to his titles – Copy Ninja Kakashi and Kakashi of the Sharingan, as well as his friend’s will. I have always thought that Kakashi was a good candidate for being a Hokage and Obito (since last chapter) had already told him that he would be useful in the future and that was why he was willing to sacrifice himself for his friend’s survival. On the other side, Naruto seemed like having a lot of fun with Kaguya, together with all the tailed-beasts. Poor Black Zetsu was crying for mummy. His mouth turned downwards. Naruto and the nine bijū seemed to be taking up the mother-and-son’s limelight. Don’t know how long the both of them could sustain. But with Kakashi coming back to the scene, Kaguya and Black Zetsu would have one more opponent to fight with. I think the next time we see them, it would be “students-and-sensei” vs “mother-and-son”.

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