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bleach 593 chapter

bleach 593 manga

it’s sad to see hitsugaya far more competent as a zombie, though. suddenly a leg covered in ice means the leg is gone whereas every baddie before could easily shrug off getting frozen. either way, we sure were teased!
first it looked like hitsugaya was dead since the mad scientist said so but he was zombified before he died. so naturally this means he’ll come back/continue living once aforementioned mad scientist is done with him.
of course he’ll be a bit of a guinea pig beforehand so I assume death might be preferable. then again, they’re ALL dead to begin with second stage of death? if you’re becoming more dead you’re alive again? if you think about it it’s not really making sense at all to zombify souls who are dead to begin with and have no “real” flesh and tissue which might be controlled. and what happened to dead(er) shinigami turning into reishi?

I didn’t like it. Hitsugaya being all powerful now is irritating because you see how much potential he really has but that can be said about anyone. The good guys fighting like the worst evil out there will have everyone become powerful. Imagine Byakua, Kenpachi, or Shinji becoming zombies. Yeah, they’d be a lot more powerful then they would be… alive. But that’d make every boring since we, the ungrateful-bunch-of-whining-little-no-good fans, don’t want that. We want the good guys to kick the bad guys ass every chapter. Anyway, I find Mayuri annoying. Sure he is a genius and probably the only one right now who can stand up against the Quincy he’s facing. But still, he is unbearably annoying. I want this fight to be over, like now so we can move on to what’s happening with Bach’s fight. A lot more interesting than Mayuri’s experimenting.

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