Naruto 688 – Black Zetsu’s Betrayal!

naruto 688 manga

naruto 688

Naruto 688 – Black Zetsu’s Betrayal!
Almighty Kaguya in trouble !


[Moving panel of Kaguya with her face turned down as Naruto slices her arm with Black Zetsu.]

Naruto(angry face): that is…

[Kaguya turns her face to left shoulder with missing arm ]

Kaguya(shocked): ?! *My hand…, my Child !*

[Kaguya’s left hand with Black Zetsu’s face visible is shown shocked and in pain]

Black Zetsu(shocked): ARGH ! *No, how could it happen ?* MOTHER !

Naruto(with anger reaching boling point): your end, Black Zetsu ! ?!


[Naruto spots Kaguya moving towards her sliced arm with black Zetsu in]

Naruto(shocked): I don’t let you ! (kick Kaguya with spining kick in stomach send her flying backwards)

Kaguya: ?! *He again !* (Sent flying backwards from spining kick force)

[Naruto moves fast following flying backwards Kaguya]

Black Zetsu(worried): Mother watch out ! *Shit I have to get away fast* (emerges slowly) ?!

[Giant slash through hand glows as Sasuke cloaked inside God Sussano stop right step behind him]

Sasuke: You should worry more about yourself, bastard. (Sussano with blade swinged shown.)


Black Zetsu(in agony): ARGH !! Sasuke Uchiha *Shit I forgot about him*

Sasuke(cold): this is for using Uchiha ! Amaterasu ! (eyeing BZ with right EMS eye)

Black Zetsu: ARGH !!! NO MOTHER !!! *Forgive me mother, I failed !* (egulfed by black flames)

Kaguya: my Child ?! (dodges Naruto upper cut blow attempt on her)

[Naruto keep charging at her as she dodges and block some of them with problem]

Naruto: You can not keep dodging, in the end I will hit you ! (punches Kaguya in chest)


[Kaguya stops from impact then lock eyes at Naruto filled with anger. Ash bones emerge from her hands]

[Naruto so much angry charges at her at full speed almost reaching her instantly about to land hit]

Kaguya(angry): *do it boy, I will kill you in instant*

Sasuke(shouting): Bansho Tenin ! (extends his hand towards Naruto)

Naruto: ?! *I am being pulled ! The bones rapidly grow !* (watches bones grow as get pulled)

[Naruto get pulled towards Sasuke as bones streetch towards him, then stop at half distance from them.]

Sasuke: uff,Lucky I got in time. Don’t charge at her like that fool


Naruto(angry): shut your mouth Sasuke. How could you not even try to save Obito !

Sasuke(ignoring Obito’s matter): Focus better on fight, if not Obito’s death will be in vain…

Kaguya(angry): *That boy, he became faster, so it is his true speed.*

Kaguya(look at her side): *I am low on chakra…, It will takes time to regenerate my arm*

Naruto(angry): I will let this stuff go away for now but we will return to it.

Sasuke(focused): Whatever, she is weak now, we should finish her. Use diversion Naruto !


Naruto(calming down): I will get her attention !, find oppening and use it, Sasuke.

[Naruto bursts at full speed towards Kaguya as he shoot off few goudama at her]

Kaguya: ?! * fast !* (flying upwards in last moment barerly avoiding)

[Close up on Sasuke’s left eye as it glows]

Kaguya: ?! *Forgot that boy !*

[Sasuke inside God Sussano appears above Kaguya as he swinges blade at her send her smashing in ground]

[Kaguya hit hard the ground as shockwave erupts causing powerfull blast bursting.]


Naruto(calmer): Nice shot Sasuke

Naruto: However I am not finished with her yet ! *Son, Saiken, Chomei lend me your chakra please*

Son Goku(serious): You can count on me, but don’t let you anger control you.

Saiken(serious): Get her Naruto

Chomei: give your best !

[Naruto raises his hand above as goudama places on palm as lava, acid and wind spirals around it]

Naruto(very angry): Take this, Kaguya !Multi layered spiraling Rasengan !


[Close up on Sasuke’s left eye as it glows once again. There is one tomoe more then before]

Naruto(senses): ?! *What the * (notices disappearance of Rasengan)

[Multi layered spiraling Rasengan appears smashing the ground where Kaguya was followed by explosion ]

[Gigantic explosion occurs as blast spread around destroying a lot then blinding light fade away]

Naruto(happy a bit): We got her, Sasuke ?! *I lost track of her chakra*

Sasuke(focused): Yeah… *I am not so sure * (notices rifts opening up behind Naruto)


Naruto(shocked): fast ! (flies a little as Kaguya emerges from portal comming at him)

[Kaguya about to attack Naruto with her hand regrown as she get blasted by push suddenly. Her body is shown smoking as acid and lava leave marks on her]

Sasuke(winded): Shinra Tensei ! *Damn her*

[Kaguya stop her backwards movement forced by push force.]

Kaguya(nervous): You killed my Child… Now I will kill you ! *If I didn’t absorb some of attack, I would be fataly wounded*

Naruto(out of breath): We are The one who will finish you, Kaguya !

Sasuke(cold): Your end is comming, Kaguya


[Scene shifts to Hagoromo talking with The Hokage]

Hagoromo: Get ready, everyone ! (extends both hand in Hokage direction)

[Close up view on each Hokage charging chakra]

[Hashirama and Minato enter each other respective Sage mode]

Hagoromo: ?!(notices marking on Hashirama/Minato’s faces) so you can use nature energy

Hiruzen: Great Sage, What do you know about nature energy ? What did you mean ?


Hagoromo: Don’t loose focus. I will explain meanwhile.

Hagoromo: Both, me and my brother Hamura mastered use of nature energy to degree that we could mold out own chakra with added nature energy to it creating new chakra.

Minato: Wow, Impressive but afterall you are The Sage of six paths. (focused in SM)

Hiruzen(schocked): I didn’t know Minato-kun that you have learnt Senjutsu


Minato: Well I only barerly learned it,but I never actually used it in my life

Hashirama: It seems we were unaware of many things(focused in SM)

Hagoromo: Don’t blame yourself. Lately I myself have found out about creature existence which changed my writtings on stone I wanted Indra to read and follow.

Tobirama: Who do you mean ?!


[Naruto and Sasuke again dodge all of approaching bone which explode after missing]

Kaguya: *They caught my bait* You won’t last long !

[black rifts open under Naruto and Sasuke as they land]

[Kaguya kneel down as she put one hand on ground while other still hold inside portal]

Naruto/Sasuke: it is uselsess. Can’t you think up something better ?


Hagoromo(frown): Black Zetsu called one. It was him who helped Madara to use him as all Indra’s descendants in the end. (sad) I would act faster if I knew…

Hashirama: Don’t blame yourself, Lord Hagoromo. If you didn’t know so it is ok. Besides Madara wasn’t such bad it was fun while it lasted (cheering)

[Hashirama laughs as Minato smiles admiting Hashirama is right. Hiruzen and Tobirama stay quiet]

Hagoromo(smiles): You are ineed Ashura’s former reincarnate. Hashirama. Anyway It seems animals I taught use of nature energy took my words to heart. How is Royal Slug Karyuu, White Snake Sage Ommaru and of course Great Toad Sage Gammaru ?!


Minato: Sorry I have never opportunity to thank Great Toad Sage Gammaru, right ?!

Hashirama: I was long time dead, but last time I saw Karyuu she was in good shape.

Hagoromo: I see. Enough of talk, Now I will absorb all of your chakra, get ready !

Hagoromo: Now, give me all you got. (closes his eyes)

[Hagoromo spirit floating in air extends both hands towards Hokage as they glow bright light]

Hashirama(shocked): What the ?! (crinkle eye)

Minato(shocked): How can this be (crinkle eye)


Tobirama(shocked): Such amount of Chakra (crinkles eyes)

Hiruzen: leave us at such rate !(crinkle eyes)

[Vacuum wave draw chakra from area containing all Hokage moving to Hagoromo as Hokage turn their heads ]

[Focused Hagoromo closes eyes while he absorbs through his hands vacuum wave carrying absorbed chakra ]

[Scene shifts to Naruto and Sasuke approaching enraged Kaguya ]

[Kaguya opens small black rift as she thrust her hand in it as she flies at them]

Kaguya: I will finish both you at the same ?! (freezes as black rift closes)


Naruto/Sasuke: ?! (punches her in guts. Reach her with marked hands from both sides)

Kaguya: Gah !… *How, I won’t let you *

[Naruto’s and Sasuke’s marked hands reach her shoulders as she grab their arms with her own]

Naruto/Sasuke: ?!

Kaguya: *My insides it pains, that him ! He attack me from inside but his chakra is mine*

[Kaguya flies backwards pushing Naruto and Sasuke as she vomits/spit saliva which turns into Madara’s normal body (after Rinne Tensei he got) ]

Naruto/Sasuke: Madara ?!

[Naruto moves towards Madara’s body as Sasuke notices Kaguya entering black portal]

Sasuke: You won’t get away ! Blaze release: Piercing deadly spear !

Kaguya(out of breath): I will come back and make you pay ! (fades in rift as black spear end enter rifts as rest get cut and dissolves) *For now I need to recover*

Side text: Naruto and Sasuke corner Kaguya forcing her to escape. Hagoromo begin to act, What is Hokage’s role. Also what is the meaning of Madara’s body spit by Kaguya



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