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The Skypia arc is one piece 756 nothing compared to this arc with the slow pace and dragging things on. I wonder why Oda is making things difficult for himself by trying to handle so many characters in one arc. As we already didn’t have enough. So with the midget Shirohoshi things will drag on even more and the executives of DD seem to be a joke cause Franky left in the middle of a fight and senior pink didn’t do anything. So Franky in this arc will altogether have defeated 4 executives of DD. Nice going. I think it’s because all these characters are going to come back in the future and play some kind of a role in the end. Oda has said there’s going to be a massive war and it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of characters don’t come back to be part of it.

one piece 756 chapter

one piece 756 manga

Also, Oda has recently said he’s had a lot of inspiration for new characters and they all may be a result of that. Even without all the new characters the One Piece world already has a lot of characters that play a big role. And we also have to remember that the Supernovas like Law,Kidd etc weren’t planned form the beginning but were forced on Oda from his managers casue they thought Luffy needed more rivals. So this whole arc originally wasn’t planned like this by Oda and could be the reason why it sucks so much. I guess to many reactions to how we slowly are getting to see some of the “mysteries” of this arc getting reveled, I mean it’s odd that the whole thing has lasted this long and we are getting some progress in areas I almost forgot. Assuming the plot in this chapter takes us to the SMILE factory? I guess Oda wants to drag the full epic conclusion to the arc, but it seems he was saving stuff up so it’s not just Luffy, Law and co. running after Doflamingo? So we get these side events now? I like to see how these plots will come together in the end as well as wanting them to have a bigger influence in a climax that will not lead to a disappointment in the arc, which was in a few terms and experiment arc for New World large arcs for Oda it seems? Personally, I would like to see the chapter titled;”The fourth card”, adding princess manshelly(?) To the other three established cards (momo, factory, CC) respectively. I have a feeling that Oda is slowly(painfully) pealing back the layers of each person’s history as it relates to Dofla(the purpose of the trip to Dress Rosa for the samurai before PH, the 800 year history of the dwarf’s grudge and the princess’ imprisonment, not to mention LAW’S Past) eventually leading to a huge flashback the satisfies and answers all of the questions of this arc. while telling (showing) more about Dofla himself and his true story and transgressions leading up to our current events.

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