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Guess that puts an naruto 688 end to all the “Kakashi will get both his eyes,” and “obito won’t die,” argument that just seems to endlessly continue for some odd reason while we saw from previous chapters even NARUTO went to ashes quite fast although it was a kage bunshin but the same outcome regardless. So now one Uchiha is left. I must say Sasuke has grown a lot, he actually felt compassionate to Naruto’s actions.

naruto 688 chapter

naruto 688 manga

The old him would easily scrutinise just in attempt to save Obito, but him being the one to strike making Kaguya back away and being the decoy FOR Naruto says tremendously a lot. Give Kakashi a break you guys, the dude had to endure fighting his best friend almost to the death and witnessing him dying the same way as how his life was saved before. Not to mention from going as one of the biggest asset in the war to reduced as a bench warmer, also one of his main strength taken away in an instant. Can’t help but feel for both Obito and Kakashi in this chapter.Like I said when Sasuke first utilise the teleportation against Madara, he needs to prepare his eyes hence I have others above his teleportation tech overall but it’s cool that he’s able to use it without necessarily replacing himself with an object and only does to further the range. Sasuke shouldn’t try to be reckless now though, last time he was separated, but this time I’m sure he’s aware and on guard hence PS right off the bat. Naruto (Yin) is the representation body after all, he ought to deal with Kaguya physically as he’s the only one that effective can. Sasuke (Yang) is mind, he ought to fight Kaguya with visual trickery as he’s the only one. Now, about the most important occurrence in the chapter. Obito’s death. This character grew on me alright. That panel of him telling Naruto to become Hokage is awesome.

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