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Orihime is on her way to bleach 592 the Royal Dimension and Mayuri have declared in this very chapter that he will “deal” with all of Giselle´s zombies after he shot down Ikkaku and Yumichika´s desire to save their former comrades from their state. In other words. He´s aware that “the Zombie” is irreversible at this point and the only thing that can save them is effectively killing them without any remorse so they don´t cause any more havoc than they already have. He could have cared less about saving Toshiro at this point, and even going out of the way to restrict him would be such a bother that he might not even try it. Instead he will try to kill him as soon as possible.

bleach 592 chapter

bleach 592 manga

Also, Zombiyaga here have the advantage when comparing zanpaktos Poison doesn´t work on the dead and he can always freeze that huge caterpillar if Mayuri pulls it out. So Mayuri have every reason to kill Zombiyaga here. Ice boy was dead even before he entered this battle as Zombiyaga. it´s just that he´s not buried yet. That´s the facts. And expect shocked faces on Yumichika and Ikkaku next chapter, along with a explanation from Giselle on what she did to him… If she declares in text that she killed him or he was dead when she got to him, then that´s enough proof of that Hitsuyaga is deader than dead and can´t be saved. Mayuri is not going to fight Hitsugaya directly. His Bankai is not suitable for the fight since they’re actual allies in the area. And it very clear he did not expect a captain to be a zombie, let alone Hitsugaya. They’re going to have a lot of problems facing him next chapter. Harribel is also a solid choice, but I don’t see it happening. We also have to consider the fact that Urahara is here. If Grimmjow has been with him this entire time, then it’s safe to assume Grimmjow arrived the same time Urahara and co did. Grimmjow has 0 connection to the other shinigami, but guess which Arrancar is in the area? Luppi, the one he killed personally. I may be overestimating Kubo, but I don’t see him passing up a potential conversation between the two, especially after the first few pages of this chapter. Only just got around to reading the chap. Oh my my. It was pretty meh up till that last page tho. Which left me speechless. Kubo hasn’t surprised me like this since Yama got slashed in half. And my reaction was the same as back then: eyes wide open, mouth wide open, spreading into an incredulous smile. Gotta say that Hitsugaya looks badass as hell. But I’m confused. Cause he also looks DEAD dead. Like Bambietta. Unless its a powerlevel thing. We assumed she looked so because she got killed first. But they are both Captain levels and look like that while the fodder look normal. I just refuse to believe him of all Captains was killed – and off-panel at that!!! Its simply inconceivable. Also why would he kill him when we know the blood would turn him into his slave anyways. Last we saw Hits he was very much alive, but helpless, and somebody (guess it was Giselle) showed up where he was. So he killed him? Yeah I’m not buying that. I think strong people look like actual zombies regardless of whether they die first or not, while fodder don’t change. Charlotte entertained as usual. He was FLAWLESS on the colour page. Like, y’all bitches AIN’T READY for me! And guess Bambietta wasn’t lol. I know people will bitch about her losing like that but 2 things: 1) Arrancar are super-effect against Quincy and 2) She used most of her reiatsu already. People don’t seem to get the second point through their head.

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