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Welcome to one piece Chapter 755 Spoiler English. one piece 755 is the next chapter to come out on one piece manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 585 manga scans will be posted here soon. He’s not all out yet. But do you think Pica is all out? Pica wanted to attack Rebecca, he wasn’t even aiming at Zoro. Zoro might have the edge now since he seems to understand the fruit but I really doubt that Zoro can play with Pica like he could on Fishmen Island and PH. Just wait and see – a one shot or super easy fight would be really bad for One Piece as a whole.

one piece 755 chapter

one piece 755 spoiler

That’s his thing. He said that Kaku was below him too while the fight was pretty damn close. Don’t worry, he won’t one shot Pica. And he’s not “on an entirely different level”. He’s just super confident and yes – he will win. But not easily. So it seems logical that even his top executives would not be able to stand up to Zoro, because if Doflamingo is Luffy’s enemy, they must be somewhere around the same strength level to have an interesting fight. Zoro has never been THAT far behind Luffy in terms of strength, so it would be weird if someone who is way weaker than Luffy’s enemy would be a suitable challenge for Zoro. -> He should be able to pwn Pica. Of course, the devil’s fruit can make all the difference and he can put up a good fight by just avoiding to get hit. I’m only talking about raw fighting potential here.

I guess what I was trying to say is that the Donquixote Pirates are actually more like the Mafia than a real pirate crew. Doflamingo has some people who are truly devoted to him (no idea how he did it with his personality oO), but in general, people working for him don’t have a choice but to display their loyalty, even if they don’t really care about him all that much. Monet wanted to blow herself up even before Doflamingo said anything of the sort, but he, not knowing that (!), called her and gave her the order to do so. So, what if she didn’t want to do it? You think he would have forgiven her? Well, I’m not sure, we can only speculate about that. The point I was trying to make is that he gives these kinds of orders, expecting them to be followed and if you don’t follow them, there will be trouble up to and including your death. I don’t think he’d kill his executives as easily as he wanted to kill Bellamy, but the threat of violence is always hovering above their heads, ensuring that they will stay on track. Because he likes being the uncontested boss and also because any slip-up might cause his imperium to crumble (as it is happening right now), Doflamingo wouldn’t take in anyone who could give him trouble, like any strong, self-respecting New World pirate.

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