Naruto Manga 687 : The Rain of Ash Bones

Welcome to naruto Chapter 687 Spoiler English. naruto 687 is the next chapter to come out on naruto manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the naruto 585 manga scans will be posted here soon.

naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 spoiler

Naruto Manga 687 : The Rain of Ash Bones
KAKASHI bito !
OBITO : Sayonnara Kakashi
OBITO : I am going to meet Rin
( The crumbling starts from the center of his stomach and spread towards his eyes)

NARUTO : Damn it Damn it

SHUKAKU : Naruto listen to me
NARUTO : Huh ! Shukakau
SHUKAKU : Us magnet release
SHUKAKU : I will help you for that with that you and your friend will be able to
escape from strong magnetic force.Right now the place that you struck act like
a strong magnet see the sharpened structures in the ground ?

NARUTO : I see
KAGUYA : I will eliminate the rest
( Shoot more ash bones )
(Suddenly a black shieled is developed around him)
( suddenly kaguya is replaced in to where Naruto and Sasuke laid down. Naruto and Sasuke quickly arrive
beside Kakashi. )
NARUTO : Kakashi about your friend
KAKASHI : I am proud about him

KAGUYA : Replacing me in to this place won’t effect me

KAGUYA: ! ???
BLACK ZETSU : We are tricked again
( Black zetsu andKaguya notice a seal pattern in the ground )
BLACK ZETSUS : [Shukaku’s sealing technique]
KAGUYA : [ It is difficult to move ]
SASUKE : Let’s seal her

( Naruto and Sasuke move towards her at a safe distance they both project their symbols towards her )

But suddenly Kaguya drop a smile

NARUTO : Huh !

( Suddenly a huge Ash bone missing an inch of Naruto and fall infront of him )
NARUTO look at the sky
(See a huge dimension portal sending huge rain of ash bones )
SAKURA ; What ?
( NARUTO quickly throw a huge rasenshuriken with lava ball of four tail merged towards falling bones )
But it only gives them more time . More and more ash bones falling )
SASUKE : Amaterasu !
( Some of the bones burned down in to ashes )

(Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto dodging and running away from it )

SAKURA : There is no end to it

( NARUTO shield all of them with gudou dama )

(The seal that bind KAGUYA slowly fade )
BLACKZETSU : Looks like the seal isonly for a few minutes
(Kaguya form a new dimension portal and enter in to it.)
KAGUYA : The rain of ash bones won’t stop until the enemy dies

On the other side
The gudou dama break slowly by the continuous falling of ash bones on it..
They get a view of outside from the crack
NARUTO : Even gudou dama can ‘t ?
SAKURA : Now what we will do ?

suddenly all the ash bones disappear in to a dimension barrier

NARUTO : This jutsu…

KAKASHI : Sensei !

A scene shows Minato holding thunder god kunai at a mountain with full arms


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