Read One Piece 755 Chapter – Pirate Hunter Vs Top Executive

You are Reading one piece 755 on is the best place to read one piece manga 755 online. Watch one piece 755 chapter and other manga in high quality for FREE. Last week we expected Law’s flashback – we got “fights” with officers and Tontatta tribe’s revolt in Factory. This week we would expect continuation of “fights” or Luffy and Cavendish making their way far more ahead + perhaps Rebecca’s storyline progress for her and co. to meet Luffy up at Flower Fields or wheever, but what we got to meet Kanjurou after more than half a year..

one piece 755 chapter

one piece 755 spoilers

I heard in next chapter we will get a peek on the peaceful state Alabasta Since more than one year Oda is teasing us with potential great fights only to troll us at the end cause the enemy’s are not on the level of the SH’s. So it seems like the SH crew might only face their limits when they clash with one of the yonkous. I even doubt that Oda will concentrate on the Zoro vs. Pica fight in the next chapter. Zoro has always said that. There is a difference between the fight of Zoro vs kaku and the fight of Zoro vs Pica. Kaku was pushing Zoro all the time but Pica seems to be all about his DF which Zoro said he figured it out, so I don’t see much hope for pica. Since the New World stated whenever Zoro said the enemy is beneath him then he proved that the enemy really was beneath him. Look at fishman island,punk hazard. Well Zoro is the character who gets the most fanboying. I like him too but people keep overestimating him because they think he’s so badass. I fell like the judgement of many people is off when it comes to Zoro. It seems like he has figured the fruit out.

And he’s not all out yet. But do you think Pica is all out? Pica wanted to attack Rebecca, he wasn’t even aiming at Zoro. Zoro might have the edge now since he seems to understand the fruit but I really doubt that Zoro can play with Pica like he could on Fishmen Island and PH. Just wait and see – a one shot or super easy fight would be really bad for One Piece as a whole. That’s his thing. He said that Kaku was below him too while the fight was pretty damn close. Don’t worry, he won’t one shot Pica. And he’s not “on an entirely different level”. He’s just super confident and yes – he will win. But not easily. So it seems logical that even his top executives would not be able to stand up to Zoro, because if Doflamingo is Luffy’s enemy, they must be somewhere around the same strength level to have an interesting fight. Zoro has never been THAT far behind Luffy in terms of strength, so it would be weird if someone who is way weaker than Luffy’s enemy would be a suitable challenge for Zoro. -> He should be able to pwn Pica. Of course, the devil’s fruit can make all the difference and he can put up a good fight by just avoiding to get hit. I’m only talking about raw fighting potential here.

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