Read Naruto 687 Chapter – Obito’s Last Words

You are Reading naruto 687 on is the best place to read naruto manga 687 online. Watch naruto 687 chapter and other manga in high quality for FREE. I assumed it was the bonds that kept Obito and Kakashi moving despite the gravity, but after being stabbed, Tobi should have fallen. There’s no way Kaguya can control who the gravity affects, otherwise she wouldn’t have let it affect her. So, either plot or desire to protect.

naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 spoiler

I hope Obito finally dies, that’s one less shitty character to deal with. If Sasuke turns completely good and nice and Sakura stops crying and whining, then two less annoying/crappy characters to bear with as well. Kakashi shouldn’t be brooding though, that’s not like him at all. If anything, Kakashi should be thinking of ways to help, observing and analyzing. No one liked the reference to Naruto vs. Neji? This is the same thought Naruto had when he was fighting Neji – Neji would go after the body that stayed back for safety, just as how Kaguya would go after teh body with the black orbs. I think that it should be the first time that Hashirama’s cells would be considered as useless for sure. Not even Rikudou Mode Naruto Shadow Clones became ashes when they came into contact with the bones. Naruto and Kaguya were still “wrestling” each other while Kakashi was waiting for opportunity to help. Obito did a good job by opening the dimension to teleport the three of them over to Naruto. Sasuke was pretty fast in responding to situation the moment he touched the ground. Naruto was good with his clones in that he knew how to manipulate them to his own advantage.

Even Kakashi-sensei felt it too though he phased it in a weird way. hehe! Didn’t know that Kaguya had some hidden technique with “sharps” shooting out from her palms. Kakashi and Obito had finally reconciled as if Rin was also there with them. It might be a good closure for the two guys. I guess it was only natural for Obito to seek death since he did not seem to have a will to live after he lost his love. But Kakashi would be sad to lose his friend again. While as you know yourself, Naruto is capable of performing tasks which not even Hashi’s cells can’t. For awakening the EMS, aren’t the eyes of someone of the same blood needed? most preferably a sibling? the commas of both Mangekyou converge as shown with Madara and Sasuke’s EMS, so no way that Kakashi is going to awaken the EMS lol. Though I’m sure that with even the 2 Mangekyous, he won’t even be able to stand properly, one usage and he’ll already be begging Naruto to save his life. He doesn’t have Hashi’s so much vaunted wood for all we know and even one eye put a lot of strain on him ( yeah yeah I know the guy was spamming it a lot ) but hey it’s Kishi though, he’ll find a proper excuse for that. This is where Naruto shows his incompetency though – had he been able to use bunshin like Kakashi or Itachi, he could have dealt damage to Kaguya, whether via explosion or lightning (although he doesn’t have raiton). Was about to facepalm at Naruto not looking at the enemy until I remembered the body is likely a clone.

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