One Piece 755 Chapter | One Piece 755 Spoiler

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one piece 755 chapter

one piece 755 manga

I guess what I was trying to say is that the Donquixote Pirates are actually more like the Mafia than a real pirate crew. Doflamingo has some people who are truly devoted to him (no idea how he did it with his personality oO), but in general, people working for him don’t have a choice but to display their loyalty, even if they don’t really care about him all that much. Monet wanted to blow herself up even before Doflamingo said anything of the sort, but he, not knowing that (!), called her and gave her the order to do so. So, what if she didn’t want to do it? You think he would have forgiven her? Well, I’m not sure, we can only speculate about that. The point I was trying to make is that he gives these kinds of orders, expecting them to be followed and if you don’t follow them, there will be trouble up to and including your death. I don’t think he’d kill his executives as easily as he wanted to kill Bellamy, but the threat of violence is always hovering above their heads, ensuring that they will stay on track. Because he likes being the uncontested boss and also because any slip-up might cause his imperium to crumble (as it is happening right now), Doflamingo wouldn’t take in anyone who could give him trouble, like any strong, self-respecting New World pirate.

What he’s running feels more like a crime syndicate, where everyone will have to follow the rules and obey his orders, which is much different from the chaotic piracy we see most of the time. The stronger somebody is, the less likely it feels that they would want to submit themselves to this kind of system… so in the end, no REALLY strong pirates will apply to work for Doflamingo and even if they did, he would turn them down, because that is not what he needs.Zoro’s growth is the probably the one that we are all wanting to see more than anything because his growth has been the one that is teased the most since the time skip. At Fishman Island, it looked like he was geared up, but really that guy was easy. Fishman Island was more for the rest of the crew than for the powerhouses. Punk Hazard had two shows at that time when he both took on the dragon and when he beat Mone with just his killing intent. All teases. But then on this arc so far, we have had him take on an admiral and survive while also aiming to attack DD. He also went as far to overpower the gravity ability from Fuji and now we get to see that an ability as difficult as Peeka’s is not even tiring him out. It does allude to Luffy’s strength and Zoro knows that Luffy has gotten a lot stronger and would only expect that from him. the ability to give life to whatever you draw is part of the japanese culture, it’s not like Kanjuroo is a ” One Piece’s Sai “, Sai is one of many moreeee that have such ability, since Wa no Kuni represents One Piece’s Japan is very fitting for him to have that ability IMO.

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