Naruto 687 Chapter | Naruto 687 Spoiler

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naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 manga

Its closing time for Obito. A bit upset that the Uchiha massacre wasn’t brought up. But I think Kishi is saving it for a moment between Sakura/Kakashi or Sasuke/Sakura. I mean its going to come out just dk from where. I find it funny NS says that SS got trolled like it did during the CPR “supposed reaction.” Not EVEN CLOSE!! SS, we got our moment, it was mutal between both and made it mysteriously obvious when they returned to the battlefield. That it was a behind the scene. Notice Kishi didn’t show what Sakura’s POSITIVE thoughts are? But heavily highlighted her negative thoughts chapters ago? Its because SasuSaku is in the making from here on out. Loving where its going. Though pretty sad NS is holding onto that ObiRin parallel I kinda sorta not really, maybe just a tiny bit feel bad [no not really] that thats all it got. I wanted that at first but now I kind of think Kamui should just die with Obito. Instead I hope that Sasuke just learns to use more powerful time/space techniques with his own Rinnegan somehow. Seriously, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is way under served, it is the True Rinnegan, it should be capable of high level abilities similar to what Kaguya’s can do. So far the only truly new power he has gotten is a time/space technique that isn’t even half as good as Kamui or even Flying Thundergod.

Flying Susanoo is cool but that’s just an upgrade to a technique he already had, my guess is that Indra had the same ability based on his Susanoo design so I doubt its even a Rinnegan technique. So if that is all Sasuke’s Rinnegan can do, Kishimoto totally dropped the ball. Nagato’s incomplete Rinnegan could flatten cities, create city sized meteors, create magical robotic armor, control multiple bodies, summon many beasts, absorb all chakra attacks, rip out peoples souls and resurrect the dead. By comparison Sasuke’s Rinnegan looks like a child’s plaything, so I think in order to justify his eye even being called a Rinnegan he needs to start using at least a half a dozen more powers that are as good or better than the ones we have already seen. thank Obito for keeping Kakashi alive so that Kakashi can find out that he can do something besides be a “meat shield.” I’m just curious how long it will be before Kakashi ends up doing something important now. Kishimoto isn’t doing the massacre now. Clearly he’s saving it for a post-war arc. I’m almost positive that we’re getting that post-war arc now focusing on Sasuke. The only way I see us not having a post-war arc is if something else happens due to needing to free everyone from IT (though I think the Edo Hokages are going to do something with that) and/or Madara’s possible return. Sasuke has too many things that need to be cleared up and Kishimoto keeps punting his chances to deal with them. He can keep punting them if he’s planning on addressing them all when the war is over.

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