Bleach 591 Chapter | Bleach 591 Spoiler

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bleach 591 chapter

bleach 591 manga

I thought giselle could be dangerous but I never thought it would get to this extent. Her physical abilities are not much considering that even ikkaku and yumichika could kinda deal with her but her ability is powerful and particularly cruel. She is the ideal enemy for mayuri who is also relatively physically weak but has a particularly cruel set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare to fight against. I am guessing mayuri has already planned for gigi to know true horror. Overall what I am wondering is if he will be able to top the sheer horror to which grantz was exposed a few years back. Grantz was sent to hell by mayuri, his fate was inconceivable horrible. I was quite surprised about how the whole bambietta thing turned out. It seems like she does maintain some degree of consciousness from her former self which is downright disturbing and cruel. Bambietta was a murderous evil bitch but I feel kinda sorry for her being in that state. A slave to a lesser warrior cross-dresser with a weird fetish. I also find it weird that bambietta would not only keel consciousness but also her ability. She probably does not have the same power as when she was alive but being able to use a volstandig definitely makes her insanely dangerous.

The thought of gigi having an army of fallen sternriter and shinigami is definitely to be feared. I am wondering if gigi can fuse her zombies though. We saw her use an ability to give candice a new arm, perhaps she is able to use her ability to join bits of multiple zombies creating a superzombie. If plausible it could destroy SS lol. Imagine a super sternriter zombie. Even combining weak shinigami could prove dangerous. Perhaps the most likely scenario is that she will fuse with the zombies herself though. Well, so far the whole thing between hollows and quincy has been about their souls being incompatible. However their souls being incompatible does not necessarily translate to hollows being poison to quincy in all contexts. In that regard what kirge did is not necessarily inconsistent because he simply absorbed the body of allon however their souls did not necessarily come in contact with one another as what happened between masaki and white. Now, perhaps the key to the whole thing are fullbringers and their origin. We know that when hollows die bits and pieces of them can stick to people. When this people have kids they are born as fullbringers. This is what presumably happens when normal humans get infected. But what about quincy? What if a hollow bit gets stuck to a quincy? If their souls are incompatible perhaps something like what happened to masaki. Heck, if we consider that perhaps the actual reason quincy arrows obliterate hollows is to avoid having those infectious bits and pieces around.

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