Naruto 686 Chapter | Naruto 686 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 686. But as we knew, naruto manga 686 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 686 spoiler, naruto 686 raw, naruto 686 scans, naruto 686 English chapter and Summaries. Obito spent something like 2 decades wringing his hands menacingly, causing all manner of terrible things to happen. Terrible things that didn’t even have anything to do with Infinite Tsukuyomi.

naruto 686 chapter

naruto 686 manga

At the same age Sasuke is now, Obito was attacking the Leaf with Kurama, murdering Biwako/Kushina/Minato/etc., and was milking Nagato and the original Akatsuki for all the political destabilization he could possibly muster. He spent years personally ensuring that the shinobi system would destabilize. and he did it based on far stupider reasoning than even Sauske. I will give this to Sauske – he at least is willing to ask questions and put forward some degree of effort in trying to see things for himself before he acts. He may make terrible assumptions with his information. He may jump to highly questionable and illogical conclusions. But at least he does try. That’s more than can be said for Obito, who didn’t even bother asking any questions to anybody before he became Madara’s & Zetsu’s stooge hook, line, and sinker.

and for Sasuke it is true that Sauske has always treated his companions with what can only be described as dismissive rudeness and churlish indifference. He ignores everyone’s advice. He tells them to shut up. He tells them they’re annoying. He tells them not to interfere. He threatens them. He abandons them. He is brusque, selfish, and impolite. So for him to bother catching Sakura can be said to be an improvement over his typical behavior – which is far more loutish. I’ll acknowledge that for that action Sauske was not as big of a jerk as he USUALLY is. But I don’t see that this (by itself) is anything to be impressed by. He has made small, polite gestures to people in the past and they didn’t mean anything or show that he was a good person. Just because Sauske chose to pay the weird Cat Lady instead of robbing her doesn’t mean he was on a path to philanthropy.

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