Naruto 685| Naruto 685 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 685. But as we knew, naruto manga 685 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 685 spoiler, naruto 685 raw, naruto 685 scans, naruto 685 English chapter and Summaries.

naruto 685 chapter

naruto 685 manga

This chapter reminds me once again of Naruto’s battle tactics. Anyone still remember how he took out Pein (the key-part that resurrects all the others). For those who don’t like this release, you go attempt to create your own story and lets see if your own manga will have a wikia or even smth similar to the base. Great plot development in my opinion. Cliff hangers as well: What is Hagoromo and the hokages up to? What is Sasuke trying to do? What does Kaguya have in mind? If the white zetsus were people once in Infinit Tsukuyomi, how come Obito (when he was still only Tobi) was able to create 100,000 just for the war (Obito informed Kabuto he used the chakra from the Jubi’s Body to create many zetsus for war). Many other mouth-watering questions are still left that Kishi is slowly building up to. Others are: what exactly is the relationship between the 10 tails and Kaguya. Where is Kaguya from? Did Hagoromo and brother fight Kaguya or fight the 10 tails or both at the same time?

Kagaya keeps praising naruto and even considered him enough of threat to attempt to kill him. Shadow clone jutsu is awesome, 2nd time Kagaya was hit lel. Wonder what/how Naruto will live through her attack. Also Naruto has steam melting power equivalent to ama lmao. Sakura hype might not be debunked this time though since she is the only one left to help Obito, but it’s clear that Naruto’s chakra is capable of doing what Obito is doing since he made it to Kagaya’s dimension fine, however his clones can’t. Kagaya also has 6 dimensions (lava, desert, ice) wonder what the other 3 are?

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