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bleach 589 spoiler

bleach 589 manga

I am particularly curious about halswald expressing condolences to juhabach. Clearly the royal palace is meant to be important to juhabach personally, so the question is exactly why that is the case. To add to that there is the bit about the place being a tomb…. We saw the soul king and he seemed kinda alive so the tomb thing is probably a more subjective view of the place rather than a fact. It probably references something along the lines of juhabach being about to kill everyone there or perhaps the process itself to become the soul king. Now, perhaps this constitutes the first piece of evidence that there is some blood relation between juhabach and the soul king. Now, it would still be weird though. We know a decent bit about juhabach’s birth, it would be a bit trollish if we learn about that and it turns out there was a secret brother and whatnot. Until more evidence turns up I will think that the situation here is that quincy originally were the earthly servants of the soul king with the shinigami being the otherworldly servants. Eventually things went wrong, the war started and perhaps the royal palace was created in response to that.

As far as kirinji goes it seems like he is in trouble. Well, the manga didn’t show that however juhabach seems to be familiar with him and he seems reasonably confident in beating him. The weaponize water was quite impressive although it seems like it would take a while for it to actually kill a quincy. It makes sense that kirinji would have an oar based zampakuto somehow (or whatever that was at least). Can’t wait to see its abilities. Perhaps this can be used to make the point that yamamoto was effectively stronger than the royals. Yamamoto did seem stronger than juhabach and juhabach did beat a tired and bankai less yamamoto. Realistically speaking yamamoto’s bankai would easily counter kirinji’s water so kirinji is in trouble from multiple angles. As far as the ikkaku, I think this is a little fun. She is definitely a handful…. I did not see coming the bit about her being a boy though. She was less feminine than the rest so perhaps that explains it. I am somewhat disturbed by the way the manga phrased the whole thing though. Bambietta being a zombie makes sense although this confirms she is dead since it was said only dead quincy could be zombiefied. if she can use all her abilities then I am not sure how ikkkaku and madarame are going to pull through this, it is an exceptionally bad scenario. I guess that if both of them use their hidden abilities they might just have a chance though.

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