One Piece 738 | One Piece 738 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of one piece 738 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. It seems odd though that Blackbeard would send Burgess if he was not confident that he could win though.

one piece 738 manga

one piece 738

They aren’t playing for some petty or replacable prize, Ace’s fruit is sort of a big deal and Blackbeard knows this first hand. Losing it may not be a giant blow to him since it’s not as if the winner would definitely become a threat to him (he beat Ace at full power), but it seems like quite an asset to trust one of your average fighters to obtain. I think Sabo is simply THAT strong, a stronger fighter than even Blackbeard would have expected to show up at this tournament because Burgess is no joke. I believe Burgess’ purpose here is to show us how strong Sabo is (geez, people were guessing he’s Admiral level). He’ll get rid of that fat bastard and then clash in one on one with Hira Hira no Mi user and pull off a hard victory! Just a little theory: We know, Aokiji is in these matters. Though in the course of plot we could forget Aokiji for now. What if he works with or for Revolutionary Army? What if he knew about who’s coming to Dressrosa from RA? What if he knew Sabo from his cooperation with RA? And so what if he knew about him and Luffy – been told their past by Sabo and kind of decided on this outcome? Or partook in it? And told Blackbeard to send Burgess because he knew they would be able to beat him – not with ease but beat him?

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