Bleach 568 | Bleach 568 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of bleach 568 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. Well, that was weird. I didn’t expect kubo to take the “my ability perfectly counters yours” approach for this fight.

bleach 568 manga

bleach 568

I honestly thought the fight would be a tad longer and that it would end with rukia using her own bankai. Even if the next chapter supposedly has nodt remisniscing odds are he is still going to go volstandig. Its kinda useless at this point though, his ability won’t work on rukia if he goes volstandig either, its not an issue of volume or amount of power. It also seems like the thorns are not necessarily nodt’s holy arrows… I honestly thought the thorns were his holy arrows that carried his poison. Then again if that was the case then his ability would be kinda pointless as it would imply he was causing his enemies fear when he could have just as easily been wounding them. I am not sure I get what the practical points of rukia’s ability are though. How would her ability work againts others? Would she channel ice through her body? Is her death like state simply an application of her ability rather than its actual purpose? Hopefully rukia gets at least one more fight. Well, she was defeated by someone else before, perhaps she might get to have her revenge on that person. And odds are she did get the name of her bankai told to her. On a more possitive note the manga has presented an scenario where someone who isn’t rukia would also be immune to nodt’s ability. Komamura was also in the temporarily dead area so he would naturally also be immune to fear.

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