Naruto 664 | Naruto 664 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of naruto 664 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. Few things that was really really amazing/different Karin power very much related to kushina o my god cool (well now my previous pridiction must be true Sakura kiss to naruto well not in a good way but ok narusaku fan this should a good gift for you who was in that mask we only manages to see his ear so is he human ??

naruto 664 manga

naruto 664

lets see very difficult to pridict but i will disscuss this later what in the world oruchimaru’s idea/plan i mean he is definetly more dangerous than madara. He is also hiding something and also some thing about karin (atleast we know this much) madara uchiha no wait sage of the six path with only one eye 😛 (ok just kidding) well this much when our all kage’s all hokages and 2 powerfull sinobi is not with full power lets see what can be done last who is that suspicious man/woman ok so answer time u can read my previous post i am happy finally naruto win in this perticular thing(sakura’s 1st kiss) ok that mask man there are so many possiblties a) madara’s younger brother b) 1st hokage regenerated/clone c) i really dont know may be rekodu senin who is manupulating madara well it is really diffficult to predict ( expect them all are on the field ) he is for sure wanted to read uchiha’s tablet want to return his mom and dad or whom ever he love and to do this he needs rennigan (well i dont know he used karin to serve sasuke what else can be the purpose) well we are missing some one in this think now ok this is the question i really want to give my pridiction i know u all are going to think i am mad but wait predicting naruto u should be mad about it So The Answer is Jiraiya well i am very much sure about it how in the sanin can be died so easily well this is the perfect time to send jiraiya on the field why bare footed may be he was doing training to make his body back do u remeber that there was suspicious written who else can be especially who we already know see 1st and 2nd no , kages no, karin and other well what will be the suspicious then, his brother no way , kabuto may be possible well if this is colour we can say 😛 , who else we know and not on the field only jiraiya is the one we dont see any death proof well i know he was in the deep sea but guys he is sage jiraiya it can be possible that some frog helped him well if u know any other who was not on the field and with full power.

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