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naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Well do u think this can happen i believe that sasuke can get rinnegan. ur question how? so answer is simple To get rinnegan u must have both uchiha and senju bloodline and sasuke has one advantage of having uchiha and other is completed by kirin. do u all remember how kirin heal sasuke. he bit he hand that means that he has both uchiha and senju power/ blood. 2nd point 1hokage give some power to sasuke again complete 3rd pointhe is suffering right now that means he can activate it also u may ask how is he going to survive so my answer is sont underestimate oruchimaru well about naruto i dont know may he will die and then revived by sasuke through power of rinnegan or sakura will use the same jutsu that was used by granny chiro (who saved gaara) and dont worry sakura will not die with this beacuse naruto is still alive and then sasuke fight with madara again but no change madara will get upper hand again and then he give rinnegan to naruto and then he will bring full power of rinnegan ( dont worry sasuke can be revived again) well this is what in my mind there so many other things also but it will be better if we moved to our main question so my question is what kuruma told to gaara and will there be any relation with his other part. i mean minato still contain 1/2 of kuruma part which can be highly useful what in the world is oruchimaru’s plan any idea any hint and do u think that he want to read the uchiha tablet to revive his mon and dad and other members (not with reanimation but like rinnegan power) i mean till now every one end is good so far

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