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bleach 567

I figured Rukia would be the one to fight him instead of Byakuya having a rematch, because if Byakuya is indeed getting a Renji/Rukia sized power up, then As Nodt would be no kind of competition. I’m curious as to how Rukia’s countering the fear ability (might be kidou related?). Byakuya powered through it with resolve, but didn’t actually FULLY overcome it. I also wonder if As Nodt really does still have Byakuya’s Bankai based on what he said during his entrance (mocking Byakuya by crying for Senbonzakura).I didn’t expect this but its gonna be good. Thank goodness Kubo avoided the horrible cliche of Rukia vs Bambi girls. I DON’T expect Byakuya to show up and save her. This is HER time. But As Nodt is gonna be tough to take down. I hope his Vollstandig looks different from the others. And I hope he doesn’t lose TOO fast cause he’s my second favourite SR after Kirge.
As for Renji I think his time is up. He already had his big fight but more importantly, showed his new Ban Kai. If he hadn’t done that I would be positive of his chances. Going by what NaNaNa was saying his power could have something to do with observation? That giant visor on his face could be more than a fashion statement. This is also like the 3rd time he’s been seen “with” As Nodt. Kubo seems to like portraying these 2 and Bazz-B together so he might not be far off either.

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