Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

Minato is shown on the first page with shocked face, as Kurama is behind him.

Minato: “This… This feeling… It can’t be!”
Kurama: “I’m afraid that it can… My other half was extracted and Naruto is going… to die!”


Minato: “Kakashi! I have to leave this to you! Naruto is in big, big trouble. Madara extracted Kurama’s other half from him.”
Kakashi: “Extracted? So that’s why the Gedo Mazo came out of Obito, it was summoned by that bastard Madara…”
Minato: “Gedo Mazo? You mean that strange statue?”
Obito: “Sensei… listen to me…”


Obito: “Go… and save Naruto. Kakashi… can handle… this. I believe… in him.”
Black Zetsu: “Stop resisting, that Kakashi guy won’t hurt me until I’m in your body! The Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki is going to die, there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Minato is shown with angry expression, looking at Black Zetsu that’s in Obito’s almost lifeless body.


Minato: “I’ll take care of you later. I’ll save Naruto, and then I’ll save Obito. Kakashi, I’ll be back, take care of him while I’m away!”
Kakashi: “Right… Go and save Naruto.”
Black Zetsu: “So be it, Fourth Hokage. Come fast, will you? I want to have some more fun until I retrieve Madara-sama’s other eye.”

Obito gets on his feet, possessed completely by Black Zetsu.


Minato disappears, as he seems to have teleported himself to Naruto’s place.

Kakashi: “Now it’s only me and you. I’ll kill you and release Obito from your control!”
Black Zetsu: “Give me your shot!”
Obito: “Kakashi… We must… cooperate… Look into my Sharingan!”

Kakashi and Obito’s Sharingans are shown connected.


Minato appears on Gaara’s sand where Naruto and Sakura are, as Sakura is shown giving her best in order to heal Naruto.

Minato: “How is Naruto doing?”
Sakura: “It’s no good, I don’t have enough chakra… What in the world happened to him anyway?”
Minato: “The Kyuubi was extracted from his body!”


Sakura: “!!”

Sakura is shown with shocked expression on her face, as she’s getting more concentrated.

Sakura: “I see… So Madara’s trying to revive that thing again… In that case, I’ll do anything to save Naruto, even if I lose my own life!”


Minato: “You don’t have to do this… Tomorrow is Naruto’s birthday, as his father, I have to give him something as a present… The original plan was to combine both halves of Kurama so he can use the maximum of that power, but now the only thing that can save him is to give him the other half of Kurama, my half.”
Kurama: “So you’re going to do it anyway…”


Sakura: “But… that’s…”
Minato: “Yes, I’ll lose a lot of my power, but that’s the only thing we can do to save Naruto. He’s more important than me, he’s the savior of this world.”

Naruto is shown slowly opening his eyes.

Naruto: “Dad… Sakura-chan…”

PAGE 10:

Sakura: “Naruto! Don’t talk, not yet!”
Naruto: “I… can’t feel him…. his presence… he’s gone…”

Naruto and Sakura are shown both crying.

PAGE 11:

Minato: “It’s almost time for your birthday, my son… and for my gift. I’ll transfer my half of Kurama into you so I can save you. It’s up to you to save the other half though.”
Naruto: “Dad…”
Minato: “Sakura, I want you to keep healing Naruto… until I prepare the technique to seal Kurama in Naruto!”

PAGE 12:

Scene switches to Sasuke’s lifeless body, as he’s shown panting heavily.

Madara: “Such a pity…”

Madara attempts to walk away, as Sasuke is shown rising slowly.

Sasuke: “Wait… It can’t end… like this…”

PAGE 13:

Madara: “Impressive… you still have the strenght for this… You’re an Uchiha who have awakened the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after all.”
Sasuke: “I… won’t let you… destroy what my brother… died to protect… I’ll change… this twisted system… and that… foolish reality…”

PAGE 14:

Madara: “What do you know about that reality, kid? You’re talking a lot, but you’re merely a corpse. Well, perhaps you can feel how cruel the reality is right now. You’ve lost your brother… and it looks like you’ve lost much more that that, am I right? I’ll make you feel even more, what the reality is… What a waste.”

Madara activates his Susanoo and prepares to attack Sasuke with multiple Yasaka Magatamas.

PAGE 15:

Sasuke: “No… I…”

Sasuke collapses, as Madara shoots the Magatamas at his direction, when suddenly Triple Rashomon appears to block the projectiles.

Madara: “Rashomon? Is it Hashirama… No… Who are you?”

PAGE 16:

Orochimaru lands near Sasuke, as Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin are shown behind him, taking care of Sasuke.

Karin: “Sasuke! His life force is really fading away fast, we have to do something about it!”
Orochimaru: “The legendary Madara Uchiha… It’s a honor for me to meet you, my name is Orochimaru.”
Madara: “Orochimaru, huh? What does that Uchiha hatchling mean to you, why are you protecting him?”

PAGE 17:

Orochimaru: “This Uchiha hatchling… The new path that Sasuke chose… It’s something that I think is worthy to protect. That’s why I won’t let you to harm him anymore, even if I die in the process.”
Suigetsu: “Orochimaru-sama! Sasuke’s really bad, we need to do something!”
Orochimaru: “Take him to Tsunade, you have to go away from here. I’ll take care of Madara.”

PAGE 18:

Madara: “Brat, are you underestimating me? I’ll show you how cruel this reality is, don’t stand in my way!”
Orochimaru: “You know, I was once a selfish snake, just like you. But now I know something very important… That’s why I won’t let you do as you please, let’s finish this!”

Madara and Orochimaru are shown facing each other in the last panel.


Chapter 663/END

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