One Piece Manga 736 English | One Piece 736 Manga

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 736. But as we knew, one piece manga 736 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 736 spoiler, one piece 736 raw, one piece 736 scans, one piece 736 English chapter and Summaries. So did we actually see a glimpse of Fujitora’s sense of justice? He does not believe in the marines that much, hm, and weird that Dofla would strike him first, Dofla was more scare of Kuzan, maybe because he thinks Fujitora is new?

one piece 736 manga

one piece 736

Doflamingo attacking Fujitora seems to also be supported by Senior Pink and Mach Vice not liking the marines butting in, this should be fun, that’s why Oda made the marines a big deal in this arc also, since there will be some sort of break between Fujitora and Doflamingo. so Oda will stick to the battle royale theme in this arc until the end. Franky’s fight is interrupted by Bastille’s unit. And most likely luffy will also have a three-way fight with Dofla and Fujitora. And the colloseoum is also retaining battle royale format in the final. We also got a glimpse with characters way of thinking. The last page makes me think that Sabo is still Sabo. He is still the carefree person, though not as much as Luffy and Ace. Fujitora’s justice is also worth mentioning. Maybe he really is a “gambler” or risk-taker. Trying to abolish shicibukai system yet his “justice” way is a little flexible as to not disturb the civilian’s way of life. Dofla is still overestimating his position and situation. And by the way, the Senor Pink is too much, hahaha. Oda drawn him like a giant baby yet having such good leadership responsibility Don’t over think this. There is a way to lose without going all out. The rule of the tournament is that if you get knock off from the platform. If the remaining players only Diamante and Sabo is skill enough for that. But I doubt the 1st fleet commander under BlackBeard is somehow below DD’s top subordinate. Though, Diamante is pretty experience in fighting in this sort of terrain beside we don’t know his special abilities. Where as, since Burgess is not a DF user (I assume since he fighting for Ace fruit), it seemed he most likely just a straight forward fighter. What I really like about Fujitora is that it show that the marine isn’t as incompetent as before. It felt like after what Crocodile and BB’s incidents, it is almost foolish if the government letting DD get away with this too. When Spandam first appear, it does felt like that some level of the government is really really stupid. I know the marines are separate matter but Sengoku, Aokiji, Akainu, and now Fujitora, these folks are fairly high intelligent.

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