Naruto 663 | Naruto 663 Spoiler

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naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

It’s great to see the Shinobi in such a desperate situation. When Madara revived himself I thought it was going to be another all-out attack from the entire alliance against him alone, but I was wrong and that’s a good thing. To those who wonder where the other Zetsu came from, I can advise you to use your imagination. Madara never really trusted Obito and only used him, and you see how differently the Zetsu are acting towards him than they did to Obito. Spiral Zetsu was probably ordered to remain hidden until Madara was completely revived and he is also one of the oldest Zetsu, so that might explain why he can use those techniques. I for one don’t need three chapters of flashback to explain that, I’d rather have the plot moving along. As for Naruto and Sasuke, them surviving, or coming back from the dead, is pretty much a given. There’s Minato with the other half of the Ninetails (who is going to flip when he finds out that Naruto is dying) then there’s also Gaara who recieved instructions from the Ninetails, probably on how to revive Naruto or keep him alive there’s also Orochimaru, who might help his precious body (Sasuke) to survive there’s the thing that Hashirama gave Sasuke and then there’s Obito, who might re-gain control of his body to some degree and use Rinne Tensei with his last bit of chakra in order to revive Naruto and Sasuke

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