Naruto 662 | Naruto 662 Spoiler – Sasuke Vs Madara

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naruto 662 manga

naruto 662

On the whole needing DNA to bind the 2 clans bloodlines together, I don’t think it needs to be done in an experiment. Gin&Kin brothers did get kyuubi mode by eating Kurama. It has been stated that all Bijuu are just living chakra masses. So by getting chakra into their bodies they were able to use Jinchuuriki mode. Sasuke has been eating Uzumaki chakra for a while now and now has Hashirama’s chakra too, I think the rinnegan shouldn’t be too far of a stretch if you look at the context of which the Gin & Kin brothers got their abilities. I think when the Eight-tails cut his tail it was to create an opening for bee to escape…Bee is surely within this one tail the Eight-tails cut…this was a way by Kishi to make bee survive…but consequently afterwards, he will lose all of his powers as a Jinchuuriki because the Eigth-tails is not in Bee anymore. Just when I expect a good fight, and just when it gets intense, there’s a scene switch and Tobirama is offpaneled. Don’t even understand why. Show something FFS. It’s not like Madara has to beat everyone in 3 moves or less. Speaking of everyone, where is everyone? Why aren’t people coordinating, instead of attacking one by one? This doesn’t make sense. Kishi is throwing most of the principles he set for the way ninja should fight in the water. Getting a lackluster chapter like this after such a break, makes me think Kishi’s heart just isn’t in it any more. Makes me sad when I see what Naruto turned into. Is this the best Kishi could think of for the finale?

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