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bleach 565 manga

bleach 565

Well, mask certainly is even dumber than he looks. He is supposed to have intel on the shinigami, wouldn’t he know that bankai disappear when a shinigami dies or when he is dying? Instead we get that he apparently thought renji’s bankai remained after renji died… Well, I guess his remarkably short attention spam has been a bit of a plot point with him for a while now Anyways, I was quite surprised about that guy being the one that named stuff. Its a bit of a weird role. I wonder what his contribution to SS actually was, naming stuff seems a bit arbitrary. Is that a role given to him by the soul king, naming stuff? Or did he make a contribution to SS and was later given that role…. I guess this chapter does kinda address the issue of where zampakuto names come from. Zampakuto necessarily come after the shinigami so it was weird that they would have their own names if the shinigami did not give it to them. It seems like a completely arbitrary job but this does explain how every zampakuto has its own name almost adequately. Anyways, what I am wondering about is old man zangetsu right now. He wasn’t given his own name in the past before and right now it kinda seems like ichigo just decided his name was also zangetsu. I wonder if the royal had anything to say about that. I think old man zangetsu does deserve a name of his own to be honest. It would be interesting if both actually received new names to suit the fact that they are within a zampakuto now. Seeing that this particular royal does seem to preceed zampakuto too I can’t help but wonder just what he uses to fight. I kinda expect him to have some sort of primitive pre zampakuto thing going on although that would be weird. Perhaps he did eventually get his own zampakuto. Although it would be kinda weird to imagine him training with a zampakuto if he gets to name it.

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