Naruto Chapter 661 Prediction : The Unexpected Occurrence

naruto 661 manga

naruto 661

Naruto Chapter 661 Prediction : The Unexpected Occurrence
[Opens up to Kurama being pulled out of naruto] Gaara: “Naruto!!” Naruto

[Scene switches to Hinata, Sakura and SA/Kages] Hinata: “N..NA…NARUTO!!!!!”
(Rushes off towards Naruto) Sakura and K11: “Whats wrong Hinata!”
(as the KCM cloaks disappear from the shinobi) Shikamaru: “Shit, something bad must have happened to naruto” *This isn’t good* Kages: “We are going ahead”
(Kages rush forward ahead of everyone else)
[Scene switches to Kakashi/Minato and BZ-Obito] BZ-Obito: “Hahahahaha, you guys can’t even save anybody, can you?” Dark Kurama: “Minato, my other half is gone from naruto”
Minato: “?!, Kakashi, I have to get to naruto quickly” *Hang on, Son” Kakashi: “This Feeling, its naruto isn’t it? Go, Sensei i’ll take care of things here” *Save Naruto, sensei. i’ll save obito”
(Minato starts to rush off) BZ-Obito: “Where do you think you’re going”
(Raises Hand at minato) Obito: “I…Won… Let You!!” *Got to Help sensei get to naruto* Kakashi: “Obito Hang on, Keep fighting!” *I need to do something*
(Minato disappears)
(BZ-Obito is standing struggling with himself)
[Scene switches to Tobirama, sarutobi and Hashirama] Tobirama: “Brother, we can’t get you out of this thing, its to strong” *this is bad*
(as tobirama senses naruto) Hashirama: “FORGET ABOUT ME! GET TO NARUTO NOW!!!” *Naruto, wish I could be more of a help* Tobirama: “But we need you to help against madara, Specially now” Hashirama: “he is in danger, I know you can sense it.” Sarutobi: “We must go, we aren’t any help here”
(Footsteps appear behind them) ??????: “Maybe I can be of assistance, while you go help the kid” Sarutobi: “Orochimaru, how we tried everything” Orochimaru: “Remember, You Hokages are not at full power. I’m taking the restraints off for now”
[Scene switches to gaara/naruto, the bijuu]
(Naruto laying on the ground next to gaara crying) Naruto: “Sav……Kur…ma” *Can’t hold my promises, no matter what I do* Madara: “HAHAHAHA, you said I wouldn’t get the fox back. you are weak. nobody can stand in my way!!” *I need my other eye soon, or I can’t complete it* Gaara: “I’ll try Naruto, but first I must fill my promise”
[Flashback] Light Kurama “You must Save Naruto, give him more chakra from all of the beasts As quickly as you can” Gaara: “I understand, Kurama”
[Flashback ends]
Sasuke: “NARUTO!!, Damn it!
(Sasuke,activating Susano. his susano starts to get bigger as his anger erupts) Madara: “Oh?! whats this, you think that will help your precious weakling of a friend? Young Uchiha!” *Another User who can wield the Perfect Susano? this will be fun* Sasuke: “He.. Was Mine To Finish, I will Kill you myself if its the last thing I do” *Don’t give up naruto, we still have our fight to become hokage* Madara: “HAHA, it will be the last thing you do”
(enters his perfect Susano)
(Sasuke and Madara’s perfect susano’s clash together)
Naruto: *Sorry Everyone, I let you down*
[Flashback] Nagato: “i’ll leave it to Naruto, to find peace to the world” Pervy Sage: “You are the child of Prophecy, Naruto” Itachi: “I Leave my brother to you Naruto” To Everyone: “I’ll Be the Next Hokage, Believe it”
[Flashback ends]
Naruto: *I have enough chakra to do one thing*
(Gaara Looks at naruto raising a hand to his face) Gaara: “Naruto! Save your Chakra!!”
(Naruto bites his finger)
(narutos hands fall) Naruto: “Summoning Jutsu”
[Scene shows a close up of Ma and Pa] MA/PA: “NARUTO!!!”
Ending Caption: “Is there still hope for naruto or is it to late”

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