Naruto 661 Prediction: Who are they!!!???

naruto 661 manga

naruto 661

Naruto 661 Prediction: Who are they!!!???
Scene starts with Gaara using a sand arm to catch the falling Naruto


madara: finally is time to begin and make few hand sign and jubi then change again

madara: now ill show you the power of the hermit of sage

Panels shows SA looking shocked

SA loses their Kurama charka

some random Shinobi: how can we win now

as the shinobi look at gaara holding naruto unconscious on his sand rushing toward the SA

cut to obito

black zestu obito: thinking (look like madara has got the tail beast)

D Kurama: minato look like madara got my other half

Minato: what about naruto

DKurama: idk but I think he may still be alive but Idk for how long. I sure he is very week now we must help him

minato: kakashi I have to go help naruto before is to late

Kakashi!!! what happen

Black zestu: madara got the 9 tail from him that what happened. it seem that u cant keep ur promises after all. u killed ur friend love, u let ur student to be a criminal, and now the other one is dead u two should just give up

kakashi: head down

minato: don’t let him get to u

kakashi: I know you should go and help naruto ill handle him and come back with obito

as minato try to leave black zestu grab him with root and kakashi go to cut the root but is also caught by root

kakashi and minato: damn

obito: this is all my fault

minato and kakashi: !!!!

minato: is not ur fault

black zestu: u cant win, now for the eye

as black zestu reach for the eye obito try to regain control of his body

cut to battle field

3rd hokage: how could we let this happen

2nd hokage: we need to get him out of here so tsunade heal him

1st hokage: damn u madara how could u (only if I could move this body) this is my fault I should have made sure you were dead

k10: naruto cant die yet

as gaara bring naruto to tsunade to heal him

onoki: how could we have let this happen we should have been on the front line not them

gaara: lady tsunade can u heal him, he’ll die

tsunade: he wont die as the other jink…..

gaara: !!! what do u mean

tsunade: uzumaki wont die right away

sakura: ill help to lady tsunade

sasuke: Karin u go heal him too

Karin: (why do I have to heal him, as she look at naruto then she since something and she get scared) fine

sasuke: what is it Karin

Karin: no….nothing (this is not possible)

naruto is shown in a dark room with fire(like where kakashi meat his dead) and uzumaki clan symbol

????: is nice to see you again naruto


the last panel show 7 shadow figure standing and naruto is shocked with what he see in front of him

the end

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