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one piece 734 manga

one piece 734

Well it has become apparent that there is at least some connection between the Riku Family and the Samurai from Wano Kuni. As for how far the connection extends, we will have to wait and see. Riku Dold III was known for his kindness, understanding and generosity, which is why no war broke out when he was King. Whenever a neighbouring country was in need of help, it can be implied that Riku offered a helping hand and helped those struggling countries back to their feet. Elizabello II, the King of Prodence Kingdom noted that King Riku saved his country countless times. Noting that, there is the possibility that King Riku was able to help Wano Kuni at one point when they were in crisis. The incident of Ryuma’s grave being robbed, having Ryuma’s corpse and sword (Shusui) stolen (by Moria), being considered a disaster and bringing the country to its knees, may have led to King Riku offering Wano Kuni a helping hand. That gesture could have created a connection between Dressrosa and Wano Kuni. The fact that King Riku didn’t needlessly engage in war (or any at all) plus his ability to maintain balance between countries (Elizabello notes that ever since Riku disappeared, everything was thrown out of balance and there have been nothing but outbreaks of war) may have impressed the majority of Wano Kuni. Wano Kuni isn’t affiliated with any of the World powers so seeing a person, let alone a King, like Riku Dold III, within the New World would most likely be a surprise and privilege for the Samurai who don’t cave in to the power a person wields. The Samurai evaluate a person by their character and actions which subsequently loyalty and trust are built upon (note how Kin’emon and Momonosuke have become fond of Luffy regardless of whether he is a pirate and strong). It is unclear how close Dressrosa and Wano Kuni are, but given that Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Momonosuke drifted to Dressrosa after being shipwrecked on their way to Zou, it can be assumed that they aren’t too far apart. If this possibility is correct, then it is likely King Riku would have offered Wano Kuni help when they were in crisis. Given that, one of the Samurai from Wano Kuni may have taken a liking to one of the woman from Dressrosa, namely Scarlett.

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