Naruto 661 | Naruto 661 Spoiler The New Ten Tail Beast

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naruto 661 manga

naruto 661

I’m not even really complaining. I’m a Naruto die-hard and will swallow pretty much anything that Kishi throws at us. However I have to say that this shinobi war arc has been rather disappointing in terms of plot writing. Kishi’s traded coherency and real character development for the spectacle of shock and awe. The fact that the genin 9 ended up having kyuubi cloaks and holding super-rasengans in Naruto’s tails completely trivializes their individuality and put them barely a step above the fodder. I understand that the power discrepancy in Naruto between the strong, the average and the weak has been building up for a while now, but by having Madara’s power approach Dragon Ball Z levels of outlandishness, Kishi makes it hard to say that our heroes own development have any meaning, especially if Naruto+all 9 tailed beasts+edo tensei hokages+EMS Sasuke+Orochimaru+entire shinobi fodder alliance-no-jutsu couldn’t beat Madara. Minato created Hiraishin, thus allowing for the belief that he made it while young and went from there. But now that we know it was originally Tobirama’s technique, it would be nice to know how Minato came to make use of it. Did he get it from Sarutobi? Discover it on his own looking through the scrolls like Orochimaru and Naruto did? Or is there some connection between him and Tobirama that would cause him to learn and expand on his technique. Not to mention, that with the introduction that Kushina taught him his sealing techniques and he made the Rasenga after seeing a Bijuu Blast, it appears as if Minato’s current arsenal isn’t what he would have used back then. So what, was he just some genetic skilled ninja? The Lee of his generation? Not to mention, that still doesn’t answer anything about him personally. Don’t you think we should know something about his childhood and family, given that he is the father of the main character and thus this stuff directly pertains to Naruto as well.

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