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start reading fairy tail 366 in this fairy tail manga blog. This is fairy tail manga 366 chapter scans online. fairy tail chapter 366 can be read in this sheet and will be updated to bring you the foreseen scanlations on its issue date.

fairy tail 366 manga

fairy tail 366

As expected, we all knew that Angel is Sorano, indeed. Although, I wonder if Jellal knows if she’s related to Yukino. Pretty sure Doranbolt would’ve known that and passed it to Jellal. If he did, Jellal could probably convince Angel, so that’s one. Now, if only Jellal knew about Kinana, Cobra would probably be easier to convince. Nice to finally know all the others’ names too. I kinda expected Midnight’s name to be Macbeth, too. OS not taking Jellal’s offer right away was also kind of expected, really. Still, Jellal did pretty good against 3 of them. Too bad Natsu’s stealing Jellal’s thunder and saving his girl. Would’ve loved to see how a pissed-off Jellal would look like. If Jellal can hurry up with OS, I’m sure Cobra might hear Erza’s voice and we can get Jellal barging in on Tartaros’ HQ. I still have hope. Either that, or Jellal will personally face Kyouka later on. Also, kudos to whoever guessed Jellal is one of the keys. Now, I’m not sure if the keys are selected randomly by Face itself or the Crawford picked Jellal himself in random, but if it’s the latter, then the old Crawford (before he was bribed) was wise enough to leave something like that to a wizard saint. Really, I do wonder how the keys are selected.

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