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bleach 564 manga

bleach 564

Just speculation, but there’s a chance that pureblood can be produced in more than just being from a pure bloodline. For example, what if Uryuu developed his own latent pure Quincy powers, despite of having a human mother, but that this is extremely, extremely rare. Not only extremely rare, but even rare among the few in numbers Quincies themselves, however it may be slightly less rare among Quincies, othervice it would be weird Ishida a Quincy of all got the potential, and not a random human. Considering the large human population, and the small Quincy population, even if the chance was significantly larger from a Quincy, it may still be rare enough, cause there are so few Quincies in respect to the total number of humans. Also perhaps Uryuu does not have a inner world Juha Bach as a reprensative for thier Quincy powers (Assuming it works the same way as with Ichigo for most Quincies). What if Uryuu is an example of how the Quincy originated in the first place? In that case, Uryuu would actually be a pureblood Quincy, however he didn’t get his powers from Juha, but his powers were naturally created in Uryuu. As such, Uryuu’s family bloodline could be the future of the Quincy, and the future Quincy will not have a Juha representative in thier inner world, but Uryuu. In other words, Uryuu can be the bridge that will create peace between the Quincy and the Shinigami, with the Quincy following the teaching of Uryuu, and not Juha Bach. To get a feeling on the rareness, lets try imagine, say for example, the chance of a random human developing powers like a Quincy may be more once in a billion years. Perhaps in a Quincies bloodline, a new born “real” pure Quincy, may be one in a 1.000 years, or more. In fact, if Juha Bach really was the first Quincy, then Uryuu may in fact be the very first born Quincy, that can rival Juha Bach. There will probably be a wild card which makes it so Uryuu wont stand a chance against Juha though, perhaps it’s Juha’s vast experience, or it will be a really close fight, where Uryuu looses on a toe to toe battle. There may also be the factor that Juha is cable of using both Fullstanding and Yama’s Bankai simultaneously, cause there is no known method to make Juha loose Yama’s Bankai, and therefore it would be weird not to see Juha’s Fullstanding. All in all, I start to think that Uryuu actually turns out to be a pure Quincy on the level of pureness as Juha himself, and that this has never happened before (Assuming Juha indeed was the very first Quincy).

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