Naruto 661 | Naruto 661 Spoiler

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 661. But as we knew, naruto manga 661 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 661 spoiler, naruto 661 raw, naruto 661 scans, naruto 661 English chapter and Summaries.

naruto 661 manga

naruto 661

Did Madara get all the bijuus except Shukaku? If I recall, didn’t someone say all the bijuus had to be sealed in order from one to 9 tails otherwise the statue would break? If I’m right I guess we’ll see if that’s true. I ws right. It was said here. If this is true, Madara just screwed himself over. Ironic, since he was the who chastised Obito for rushing the Juubi’s revival with 2 missing bijuus. Poor Naruto. He doesn’t look so well. *Insert Madara’s face from 601″. Naruto will live since he’s half Uzumaki. And Tsunade and Sakura can heal him. Or Minato can give him the other half. Otherwise we’re going to be reading a manga named after a dead protagonist. Next chapter, I’m guessing Yin Kurama will sense his other half and tell Minato. If the statue breaks, Yang Kurama will be free and Minato could re-seal him into Naruto. This would be a good chance to re-combine Kurama into one whole. That Naruto’s look on the last page… Whoa. What did Kurama mean when he asked Gaara if he understands? And that was seconds before he was pulled in? Also, who knows, maybe now that Naruto doesn’t have a Bijuu inside him, even a greater power will resurface in him. Hachibi cut off his own tail with his hand. You see his hand having rapid movement effects in the panel. The tail will probably function as a plot device to save Bee, as Bee will still have a significant portion of his Bijuu’s chakra. If Bee actually dies I’ll be very surprised. Hachibi’s action would then be pointless as he could’ve just been “pulled out” like Kyuubi was.

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