Bleach 564 | Bleach 564 Spoiler

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 564. But as we knew, bleach manga 564 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 564 spoiler, bleach 564 raw, bleach 564 scans, bleach 564 English chapter and Summaries.

bleach 564 manga

bleach 564

Previous posters have hit the nail on the head I reckon. I don’t mind a long fight if the characters are interesting and the outcome will actually have an affect and even if it just plays out in a cool way. This is getting a bit dull now. I like Renji, and god help me I even quite like Mask lol. But yeah, I’d like this to just end now. I guess that’s why I was actually fairly happy with Mask stomping over Kensei and Rose nice and quickly, whilst others were severely pissed about it. It iwas quick, it was stylish, it was somewhat unexpected, and most of all, when villains win it at least accomplishes something; Team Gotei are always fighting to preserve the status quo, it’s the villains who are trying to bring the change, and change is interesting in a story. Now this fight is just… there. Like others have said – we know Renji will win, and this fight doesn’t even have the philosophical angle fights like Komamura vs. Tousen had. So lets just get on with it, eh? Mask’s power is straightforward and that doesn’t make it particularly interesting. Szayel Aporro’s fight dragged on too (at least it would have on a week by week basis, luckily I didn’t catch up until well after that point in the story), but at least his abilities were cool. Anyway, one thing to wonder about is – what actually is James? He’s certainly no human or ordinary Quincy. I wonder if he’s some kind of homunculus or something made out of reishi by Mask or somebody else as a tool to give Mask the strength needs?

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